Staying Power Means “I’m Going to Make This Happen”

Staying power is the ability to shrug off obstacles and keep going - even when you feel like giving up.

Staying power is always key to achieving your goals. After all, nobody succeeds without some degree of failure along the way.

Staying Power Is All About Pushing Through:

1.   It is what makes the impossible possible.
2.   Staying power means digging your heels in.
3.   It’s the ability to advance despite facing challenges and setbacks.
4.   Don’t give up – keep trying your hardest and persevering.
5.   Staying power is important because of the tremendous growth it provides. 

But staying power doesn’t just mean pushing through to achieve a goal – it means that you push through and keep trying, even when things get hard or don’t go as planned.

When we think of staying power, we think of the great story of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise was slow and steady, making his way along at a methodical pace. But over time, that slow pace made him into a winner! He was able to keep going and going, not tiring out like the hare. Though he didn’t win at first, he never gave up – and eventually, he did win.

Staying power is about sticking to it until you succeed. It’s about having determination and grit.

1.  Staying Power Is What Makes the Impossible Possible

We all want to imagine that we’d be able to stand up for what we believe in, even in the face of overwhelming odds, but the reality is that it’s really tough – and so few of us are able to do it.

What makes someone able to persevere?

It’s a combination of grit, determination, and an unwillingness to give up.

Without staying power, we’d still be stuck in caves, eating raw meat and never discovering fire.

So, when you’re faced with an obstacle so big you don’t know if you’re going to make it through, remember that we need staying power in our darkest hours.

It’s the only way we’ve ever made progress and it will continue to keep us going until the end of time.

2.  Staying Power Means Digging Your Heels In

You’re in charge of your career, and it’s up to you to take steps towards the goals that are important to you.

The world is not going to just hand you a happily-ever-after, but if you keep taking steps forward, eventually those steps will get you where you want to go.

We all have objectives that we want to achieve and dreams we want to translate into realities – but not all of us are willing to work for them. We know it’s hard – it’s always hard at first – but once you find your groove, it gets easier.

Staying power is a common trait in successful people. It means:

  1. Keeping your goals in mind, even when things get hard.
  2. Working toward your goals, even when you don’t see progress.
  3. Keeping going, even if you have to change your approach or strategy.

When we think of staying power, we often think of an old-fashioned, one-dimensional definition: picking yourself up when you fall down. But that’s only part of the story.

Staying power is not just about being able to ignore tough times and keep going – it’s also about being able to take a step back and go in a different direction when the path you’ve been on doesn’t make sense anymore.

3.  Staying Power Is the Ability to Advance Despite Facing Challenges and Setbacks

Every time you get knocked down, pick yourself back up and try again.

Remember when there were days when you didn’t think it was possible for you to ever ride a bike? Or tie your own shoes?

Those were all tough things that took staying power and practice before they became second nature. You did them then, and now they’re just a regular part of your life that don’t require any extra energy.

Staying power is the ability to shrug off obstacles and keep going – even when you feel like giving up.

There are some people who seem like they were just born with this quality, but really, we’re all capable of persevering through challenges and succeeding.

Even when you think you’ve hit a dead-end, staying power is there to help you keep going.

4.  Don’t Give Up – Keep Trying Your Hardest and Persevering

When you have this quality, you’re like a rock. You’re not going to move no matter what happens – you’re just going to keep on until you get whatever it is that you’re trying to get, and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to stop you.

When you want something enough, no matter how hard it seems, you’ll keep working toward it until it’s yours. That’s staying power in action! It’s what makes things happen.

And the best part? Most of the time, people who have this quality end up getting exactly what they want.

Staying power is a crucial mindset. Without it, we wouldn’t have some of the greatest things in the world – such as the lightbulb, Post-it Notes, or chocolate chip cookies.

Some people are born with staying power, whereas others learn it over time. Either way, it’s an important trait to have because it allows you to keep going even when you feel like giving up on something.

This can lead to some major breakthroughs in your life and work that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

5.  Staying Power Is Important Because of the Tremendous Growth It Provides

When we push through things that are difficult and challenging, we develop our ability to learn and grow faster than we would if everything in life were easy.

We also develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and security when we persevere and keep going despite setbacks.

Staying power gives us an important tool for our toolkit of skills that we can use to overcome challenges throughout our careers and lives.

From the time we’re children, we’re told that it’s okay to fail. But that doesn’t mean we’re told to give up when we do. It means that we should take our mistakes and use them as learning opportunities so that next time, we can succeed.

Staying power teaches us a lot about ourselves: We learn how to adjust our expectations and not be afraid of failing but instead be afraid of never trying at all.

By staying motivated when things get tough, we show ourselves and others how much we care about our goals.