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Motivational speakers in South Africa: Are you searching for a motivational speaker?

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With so much noise in today’s business world, it can be challenging for any company to stand out from their competition. However, by bringing in the best motivational speakers in South Africa to address your team, you can give your employees the boost they need to succeed.

These speakers will not only provide insight on how to improve as individuals and professionals but also inspire them to go above and beyond so that they achieve peak performance as individuals and as a team.

Before choosing, here are six things that can make or break your event. By deliberating over these 6x critical success factors, before you book South African motivational speakers, you can put together a showstopper event.

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The Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa: A “How To” Checklist Before Bookings

  1. Establish your event purpose and theme first
  2.  Put together a draft agenda
  3.  Determine your event’s technology needs
  4.  Choose the event venue mindfully
  5.  Opt for an experienced MC or chairperson
  6.  Consider an award-winning speaker

Careful consideration of the following critical success factors will chart the course to an awesome corporate conference.

The first five are non-negotiable, the sixth is optional. The way that you proceed (or not) can mean the difference between back-patting or eye-rolling at your event.

The best motivational speakers in South Africa can bring new ideas and inspiration to any business setting. They are an excellent way for employees to find common ground and can build trust, inspire collaboration and help your team identify areas for growth.

As the workplace becomes increasingly digital, it’s important that employees feel engaged and connected. South African motivational speakers can help!

With the right speaker, your team will be inspired and ready to tackle new projects with renewed vigour.

1. Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa: Establish Your Event Purpose and Theme First

Employees away from their desks and salespeople out of the field cost corporate companies loads of money. Start with the end in mind. This is the first thing you should do when hiring the best motivational speakers in South Africa for your company.

Make sure you know what qualities you are looking for in a speaker. Then, define your company’s specific needs, goals, and challenges. This will allow you to find a South African motivational speaker who will address your pertinent needs. For example, if your company is struggling with communication, you might want to find someone who can tackle this specific topic. Alternatively, if you have ambitious goals that might be difficult to reach, you might want to find a speaker who can give your team a push to make it happen.

Only an impactful event with memorable experiences will make the investment worthwhile.

Maybe it’s a bit boring to kick off with a cliché, but Benjamin Franklin’s quote will always ring true: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. Frequently event organising begins with a long “to do” list as opposed to first clearly clarifying the purpose. On other occasions, it’s a leap straight into a theme with no thought to spare of how to align the overarching objectives.

Christian Nahas poses questions about the purpose that cut right to the heart of the matter: “To plan and execute a great event, you need to first ask yourself, ‘What is the purpose of the event?’ and ‘How will I engage, attract and close, and follow-up with my audience around that purpose?’” [1]  So, figuring out the purpose a week before the event is predictably an embarrassment in the making.

Meticulous homework and rock-solid research ensure successful local and world conferences which include your choice of the best motivational speakers in South Africa. Depending on the size, duration and geographical area of the event, planning should ideally commence a couple of months in advance. It is vital to get a definite direction from the management of the company. Everyone has to put on their thinking caps at the very outset.

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Once the overall objectives are carved out, it’s a good time to drum up a creative and unifying theme.

It goes without saying that all actions must take place within the boundaries of an approved budget. Every organisation has got a different budgeting procedure which will be initiated at the appropriate time.

In the corporate world, there is a pipeline of typical events:

  • Team building
  • Sales conferences
  • Product launches
  • Management retreats
  • “Bosberaads”
  • Gala functions
  • Client meetings
  • Annual incentive and award ceremonies

Some of the characteristic objectives include combinations of the following:

  • Raising of company morale
  • Training of employees
  • Relationship building between employees and managers
  • Creating connections and facilitating networking
  • Cementing of core values
  • Celebrating results and hard work
  • Engaging employees meaningfully
  • Rolling out new strategies
  • Communicating change etc.

Hire South African motivational speakers with different backgrounds. This will allow them to not only provide insight but also inspire your employees to think differently about the way they approach business. Additionally, this will also allow them to view challenges from a different perspective and inspire them to think outside the box.

2. Put Together a Draft Agenda Before Searching for the Best  Motivational Speakers in South Africa

A value-adding conference starts with a well-deliberated agenda – one that is welcoming, engaging and digestible.

This advanced planning help to establish clear speaker requirements. You want to ultimately book the best motivational speakers in South Africa as it relates to your organisational and event needs.

A clear understanding and determination of your conference outcomes will allow you beforehand to filter out any potential candidates who are not a good fit.

The common enemy of events is the unceasing information overload. Plan in advance to not submerge delegates in data dump and force-feeding.

The number one mistake in event planning is arguably to overpack the programme with presenters, content and activities.

People stumbling over one another to make it in time for the next session is less than ideal. Break-away sessions competing in an over-full schedule is problematic, to say the least. On condition that only the best and most important make it onto the agenda, less is always more. Not enough can be said about knowing what you want to achieve before structuring the agenda.

In terms of what to do early on, Jamillah Warner explains that you should “be clear on why you are doing it in the first place because every decision after that should support your main goal.” [2]  Mapping out the content and flow of the programme early on makes for a more calculated final agenda.

The tone of any event should always be inspirational, irrespective of whether you book motivational speakers in South Africa or not. This puts across optimism and solidifies camaraderie. Also, don’t underestimate the value of a relaxed atmosphere.

An efficient agenda is an antidote for a chaotic conference, especially when it gets to two and three days. The lack of systematic design (right down to the minute) would unsurprisingly translate into disorganisation. Understandably, all kinds of emergencies do happen in the real world. A speaker might fall ill and cancel the speaking engagement.

A venue might cause a blunder and make a double booking. That is why it is advisable to always have a plan B and C in place. Basic risk management contingencies will never be a waste of time.

In terms of the flow of the programme, the logic of some event planners is debatable. They would opt for energetic activity-based slots in the morning and maintain that motivational speakers will keep the crowd “awake” in the afternoon. At best, this is not an optimal use of the agenda. It should be exactly the other way around.

Motivational speakers in South Africa (or anywhere for that matter) have limits to what they can achieve. Have inspirational speaker sessions in the morning when conference-goers are hopefully more rested. If possible, launch into stimulating activities in the afternoon when the audience is tired. Oxygen creates wonders for a sluggish afternoon.

Keep decision-makers abreast of event planning progress and secure their buy-in along the way. The draft agenda will then transform easier into the final one.

Only a few days before the conference and still working from a provisional agenda is not good enough. Extinguishing last-minute fires are stressful if incoherent planning is to blame. When the ducks are in a row, there is no need for antacid tablets. At large conferences, things get trickier, as delegates might attend different sessions. These go by many names but usually, a “general” or “joint” session is where everyone is together.

This is where the best presenter line-up should feature and where motivational speakers in South Africa customarily fit in. During break-away sessions, attendees move to different locations and more focused topics.

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Here is a list of how you can utilise templates for your upcoming event:

  • Identifying strategic elements e.g. objectives, target audience and messaging.
  • Determining logistical details such as catering, programming, and audio-visual requirements.
  • Mapping out who is responsible for each task, required actions, and deadlines.
  • Listing locations, program start and end times, and scheduled breaks.
  • Indicating PR, advertising and market research.
  • Managing overlaps on the schedule.
  • Visual layout for time slots and items.
  • Prioritisation of what to do when.
  • Itemising expenses and data in visual charts

And for what it might be worth: Presentations during lunch time are just plain silly.

3. The Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa: Determine Your Event’s Technology Needs

Having done the essential agenda setting, it’s time to zoom into technical requirements and opportunities. The innovate mix between multimedia, cell phones and the internet have changed the world of meetings forever. Conference coordinators are taking advantage of inventive platforms to engage with attendees and sponsors. In addition to this, they can collect stacks of useful data.

In the past, one would refer to a “high tech” conference. Today’s events are more often than not driven by technological necessity. Mobile phones and social media are two of the key drivers which created the “tech savvy” audiences of our time. Event apps offer innovative possibilities like audience voting.

Many top-notch ones are available on the market:

  • Agendapop –   Features include polling, agenda design, venue maps, ratings, social media incorporation, photo posting and chatting.
  • Attendify –   Translate data into an elevated experience for delegates with appealing options and registration pages.
  • BusyConf –   Bringing registrations, schedules, agendas and proposals together.
  • Certain Touchpoint –   Collect key data and create purposeful connections with participants via mobile devices.
  • CrowdCompass –   Integration that saves time and synchronises information from your registration site.
  • Crystal Collaborate –   Provide conference goers with the chance to voice opinions namelessly in order to positively interact and challenge one another.
  • Eventory  –  Software for management, marketing, planning and a social platform. The analysis of attendee behaviour can be leveraged e.g. how they responded to the best motivational speakers in South Africa that you had on the stage.

Practically speaking, “technology” still refers to the “audio” and “visual” at a conference.

By and large, it is still the usual gremlins that cause headaches and create frustration at events.

Zach Inglis and Laura Sanders share suggestions and examples such as “microphones not working, laptops not connected to the projector”. Without a shadow of a doubt, they propose the best solution: “so having a skilled person there to fix issues as soon as they arose was invaluable.” [3] Sporadically, more attention is spent on colourful drapings at a corporate event than what is happening on stage. Technology can launch an event like a rocket or make it crash like a comet.

Presentations are the most important part of a conference, not peppermints on the chairs.

Even the most experienced motivational speakers in South Africa can be ruffled by technological glitches. Don’t neglect the basic audio, visual and room requirements and inadvertently set your presenters up for failure.

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A few “tech” reminders might be of value:

  • Select good quality data protectors (high lumens).
  • Be a supporter of common sense and get the lights above the screen removed.
  • Double-check that your electronic equipment is compatible with that of the venue. If you have hired any of the motivational speakers in South Africa, don’t forget about theirs.
  • Make it convenient for presenters to see their presentation in front of them. If not, most will regularly turn their backs to the audience to consult the screen. A strategically placed conference laptop will do the trick perfectly. A more sophisticated, but expensive option is a “comfort monitor”.
  • Device batteries running flat without replacements available is a horrendous oversight.
  • The availability of a wireless “presenter” or “clicker” to change slides is always popular with presenters.
  • Make sure that everyone is able to see the white screen. Don’t disappoint those who sit at the back. Everyone should be able to read the slides and see the screen clearly (even over the heads of others).

Check the sound, microphones and speakers. It is not helpful to have an ultra-modern lavalier microphone, but low-quality speakers “popping” all the time.

4. Choose the Venue Mindfully

So far, there should be a match between the event’s purpose, theme and technological specifications. The next piece of the puzzle is the choice of venue.

There is a whole host of elements to be kept in mind. Here is one example. Sweltering heat and the lack of air conditioning do not go together if you want to run a productive conference. In discussing the selection of a venue that integrates with the theme, Rachel Grate mentions that if “you align your venue and your theme, not only will your event feel like a breath of fresh air, you can be guaranteed it will be talked about for months to come.” [4]  

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A good few questions and more can be asked about the pick of venue:

  • Is the seating capacity adequate e.g. 50, 100 or 150?
  • How important would luxury and convenience be?
  • Does the infrastructure correspond with your techno and presentation needs?
  • Is the availability of Wi-Fi a priority?
  • What is the match between your theme and the potential venue?
  • How central or distant can the geographical location be?
  • Is the availability of security something to keep in mind?

And don’t forget about proper catering. Tasteless food leads to a flavourless conference.

5. Opt for an Experienced MC or Chairperson

There are three words that you never want to hear at an event: “Disorganised”, “disjointed” and “confusing”.

Someone must keep the conference or meeting on track and promote a positive atmosphere. This is where a seasoned MC or chairperson can come to the rescue. Countless events get everything right, just to go off the rails because no-one maintains “order” to keep things polished.

There might be no one in charge. Or the captain is asleep at the wheel, afraid to make tough calls or plainly incompetent. The second easiest way to spot a run-away conference is when everything is going over time. The easiest way to see this is when the audience gets punished with shorter (or no) tea breaks and a rushed lunch. The dominoes have started to fall…

An MC stands for master of ceremonies (sometimes spelt as emcee). This person is in charge of the microphone – the king of the stage. A master of ceremonies communicates the flow of the programme and introduces presenters. 

This person must be able to “perform each of these tasks in a timely fashion, ensure a seamless transition between sections of the program and keep the event moving at a steady pace within time constraints” says Tina Amo. [5]  A good choice of an MC is someone who is skilled in public speaking, humorous and good at making smooth transitions. This individual can do introductions, recap presentations and make announcements etc.

The best motivational speakers in South Africa often double-up as MC’s, so it might be a cost-effective option to think about.

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The event outcome to be achieved by an MC or chairperson is a pleasant atmosphere, efficient flow and energetic pace.

6. Motivational Speakers in South Africa: Consider an Award-Winning Speaker

It’s your aim to secure the best motivational speakers in South Africa for your conference or event. Any award-winning professional speaker, proven on the speaking circuit is what you need to rest assured. The ideal fit is when then the speaker can creatively customise and eloquently convey the message that you would like to get across.

A compelling video trailer of a keynote speaker is, again and again, the clincher for event professionals.

An article on meeting trends succinctly states that “Typically, motivational speaking presenters are utilised by executives or meeting planners look to set a specific tone for a program, galvanize heightened interest in occasions, or inspire teams by sharing authoritative insight and/or outside perspective”. [6]

Speaking performance does not appear overnight – it is honed over the span of a career and blended with real business experience. Well-versed motivational speakers in South Africa each convey their own unique themes, entertaining styles and distinct personalities. At the core of your conference programme, they can play an impressive part in an awesome event.

In today’s business world, the best motivational speakers in South Africa are in high demand. Whether it is a corporation or organisation, or even an educational institute that wants to gather for a motive, there is bound to be a requirement for a speaker.

The best South African motivational speakers will make sure that your audience retains the messages they have received; motivate them to make positive changes to their responsibilities and work ethic, and give them an upbeat, and inspirational presentation that they will not forget. Most importantly they can customise all talks to your conference theme.

They should have a lesson driven speech that’s all about your audience. The best motivational speakers in South Africa are not only consistent in their message, but they are fully committed to the success of your event.

Inspiration, motivation, and encouragement as a speech are powerful tools when delivered by a charismatic, accomplished professional to a receptive audience.

There are dozens of speakers available. But frankly, some of them sound the same – generic and clichéd. You have to sift through the mediocre ones to get to those who can deliver that extra-spark that will keep your attendees talking about the event for a long time.

Having speeches by a variety of speakers which cover relevant aspects will motivate your employees to think creatively. With greater creativity, your team will be better positioned.

Conferences are growing, and because of that specialised experts are also becoming more important to your event. Finding the right speaker is an exercise in ensuring you gain the desired results from your meeting.

You have unlimited resources at your disposal though: contacts, Google, the internet, agents – that’s what people do these days. You can achieve this with minimal hassle from getting in touch with the speakers to making sure they show up and deliver their message.

Speaking engagements are ideal ways in which you can gain an upper hand over your competitor-companies, particularly when you secure great-fit keynote speakers. 

Difference Between Motivational Speakers in South Africa and Inspirational Speakers in South Africa

Motivational speakers in South Africa usually focus on different topics, giving their own advice on how to improve or change that particular aspect. Inspirational speakers in South Africa tell audiences their own stories and express how they could beat obstacles in their lives.

Although both types of orators provide hope, inspiration and motivation to their audiences, they aren’t technically the same category but are often used interchangeably despite the discernible differences. Each one of the two groups can focus on business, professional and personal topics, such as time management, effective leadership skills, customer service, adventure and so forth.

They underline how to succeed in life and business, however, motivational speakers usually share their methods and guidelines (for the lack of better descriptors), while inspirational speakers relate their own personal struggles, wanderings and break-throughs.

There can be significant overlaps between these two categories, though.

What Got the Best Inspirational Speakers in South Africa to Where They Are Today?

Inspirational speakers in South Africa faced staggering obstacles and pushed through.

They overcame adversity, took their pain, and turned it into success.

Many have faced stumbling blocks that most people cannot comprehend and therefore their talks are enjoyable to listen to. Some are TED talkers and regularly deliver their real-life accounts to corporate conferences – what they’ve accomplished, struggles they’ve defeated, and how one can apply it. Their keynotes appeal to emotions and taking action with integrity and authenticity.

The best inspirational speakers in South Africa who overcame to achieve greatness are highly sought-after all over the world.

They Highlight Winning Adversity

Confronting incredible hardships and life-changing events, they made it through. Their speeches inspire others to push farther than they thought possible.

There’s the astronaut, a blind sailor and endurance athletes who had to tackle almost insurmountable realities to accomplish their goals and dreams.

The best inspirational speakers in South Africa are in demand because of “inspiring admiration, respect and approval”. Despite rejection and doubt, they continued. Some of these challenges were part of an adventure – climbing a mountain or riding a bike across the country.

Others have been challenges on the trail of life – a broken heart, growing up in poverty, mental health challenges and overcoming the incredible odds. Climbing Mt. Everest and kayaking across the Atlantic are other instances of adventures that required physical endurance and mental strength. Well-known writers, artists and explorers bring their tales of survival, endurance and success.

Conferences hear about their common struggles and mindset shifts on the road to success.

Audiences Learn from the Encounters of Inspirational Speakers in South Africa

Many agree that it is essential to have inspirational speakers on the event’s program. Whilst there are endless sources of information available that can reference and guide for achievement, there is hardly a better delivery vehicle than hearing it from the proverbial “horse’s mouth” (ordinary human beings).

The inspirational speakers in South Africa have a unique ability to light fires underneath audiences and encourage them to make progress with their objectives, dreams, and ambitions.

Aside from topics that attendees want to learn about, South African inspirational speakers can move attendees to take action and make the most of their time.

Without oversimplifying their messages, the over-arching theme is that people cannot change the direction of the wind, but can adjust their sails to reach their destination.

They show exceptional personal growth, discipline, perseverance and charisma and proof that inspiring accounts and wisdom is beneficial whether you’re in the boardroom or your home office. There’s no getting around the fact that the best inspirational speakers in South Africa are one of the main draws at an event, and they should be – it’s a chance to learn from those who have gone before us.

While each keynoter might give advice based on completely different fields/angles, the same principle is applied: practice and endurance make perfect.

When they are on stage, nothing cuts through the air like their themes of how to overcome.

Best Inspirational Speakers South Africa: Recounting Entrepreneurial Success

The best inspirational speakers in South Africa can inspire business owners to progress. In fact, many are self-made entrepreneurs and business leaders that started off in fields completely different from what they have been doing now.

Undoubtedly, business can get tough. What’s more inspiring than listening to a true story of entrepreneurial success? Hearing the steps an authentic entrepreneur took to overcome obstacles can be much more powerful than following the advice of self-proclaimed experts.

They draw audiences by making presentations relatable with real-life experiences and use of humour – stories of struggle and prosperity, learning how to live life to the fullest.

The best inspirational speakers in South Africa are impassioned about their passion for starting from the bottom up.

They pitch captivating stories that can bring your business to the next level. Businesses today are run by managers and/or self-starting entrepreneurs. Corporate managers lead highly specialized departments, focus on numbers like profit margins, and aren’t always eager to embrace unusual ideas.

Nevertheless, inspirational speakers in South Africa, who touch audiences with incisive presentations, can get the attention of these business managers and make them more receptive. They will deliver keynotes to get the implementation going in your corporate boardroom, conference table or training forum.

Positive emotions are contagious, and the smallest uplifting gestures every day can make a big difference over time.

Although it might be subtler than its big brother of public speaking (the motivational speakers), business-oriented inspirational speaking is one of the most effective conference interventions. Their keynotes can be the difference between gaining a competitive edge and letting it slip away. The best inspirational speakers in South Africa can turn mundane meetings into events that leave an indelible mark on their listeners. This generates momentum behind projects, products, or services.

Providing new perspectives of thinking, and insight to the times in which we live – inspiration speakers shape a desire to grow the business, communicate a new vision or outlook, encourage workers to go for promotion opportunities, and encourage better work ethics.

The best inspirational speakers in South Africa who can ignite passion in your company’s leaders may just be the catalyst needed to create the transformation you are seeking.

Funny Motivational Speakers | Humorous Motivational Speakers

Funny motivational speakers can help to set the tone for a great conference. Everybody needs a boost of energy from time to time, and funny motivational speakers often provide this “boost” in a humorous way.

Although they use humour as a tool, they differ greatly from stand-up comedians.

Quality humour can bring down barriers that are preventing people from interacting with each other in a positive way, and it does so effectively.

Today, we are living in the era of a fast-paced life. We are losing track of time and the hours and days pass by like minutes – to work harder and to be always on the top is a matter of pride.

There are many who feel stressed out because of increasing workloads in their offices and environment. Funny motivational speakers come in handy here when you need them most.

Humour is something that makes an audience light up. It can bring warmth, a smile, and provoke a laugh. Funny motivational speakers are the kind that can make you feel good about life.

The mission is to raise the energy level of a group by delivering jokes and humorous stories, as well as to make people laugh – make the audience feel good about themselves. Ultimately, the goal of funny motivational speakers is to produce some kind of positive change in the group.

Usually talking at a high rate of speed, without notes, occasionally while standing in front of thousands, funny motivational speakers address endless crowds.

They make those they come into contact with laugh or cry or cheer or shout for joy – thanks to them for making us feel better, even if it is only for a while. While feeling sad, stressed or depressed can be very hard, laughter is one of the best medicine in these situations.

Humorous motivational speakers often give speeches using funny mannerisms and stories, they attempt to enhance the sessions through humour, which leads to learning among the audience.

The value of laughter is beyond measure. It can do wonders to any work environment, and for corporate events, there’s no one better than the funny motivational speakers.



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