Why the Best Motivational Speakers in Dubai UAE are Taking Over the World?

The best motivational speakers in Dubai UAE are taking over the world. It’s because the world has come to Dubai. The best of the best on the globe showcases in this world-class city and the United Arab Emirates with its warm Arabian welcome.

Motivational Speaker for Dubai Conferences

Whether your selected keynoters stay in the city or fly in from another country, they should be reputable and adaptable.

Why the Best Dubai Motivational Speakers are Indispensable for Conferences?

  1. Strengthen the conference theme and objectives of management.
  2. Act as powerful activators.
  3. Present convincing calls to action and self-examination.
  4. Stimulate new thinking to unleash performance.
  5. Convince audiences of the value of innovation.
  6. Ignite the sparks of change.
  7. Encourage entrepreneurial thought and personal development.

Your company conference is important, whether the business is doing well or facing challenging times. One of the keys to hosting a successful conference lies in the selection of top communicators. In other words, those who can take their expertise in a given field, and quickly adapt to your brief and the needs of your conference.    

The best motivational speakers in Dubai UAE act as powerful activators to get people to tune into performance modes of thought.

The city’s culture of success, growth and best practices is a massive benefit for the thousands of conferences, events, and meetings taking place every year.

“Dubai’s numerous business conferences and summits attract some of the best brains from around the globe”, write Euronews. [1] 

1.  Best Motivational Speakers in Dubai UAE: The Event Management Industry

With trade and commerce being the city’s lifeblood, it logically flows that Dubai has a vibrant event management industry. The United Arab Emirates is the premier meeting place between West and East and a driving force for international partnerships.

It has become a visionary trend to have Dubai motivational speakers at corporate events, and association conferences.

The annual growth of Dubai’s event management industry is around 25% since 2013, according to Innovative Hiring Dubai, a market leader in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region for event furniture hire.  “All eyes are on Dubai as innovators, entrepreneurs and industries set to advertise and introduce their products to people of various ethnicity and diversity in one place”, says General Manager, Paul Harding [2].

A precious gemstone in the city’s crown is Dubai International Airport operating with/to 140 airlines, 260 destinations, and 6 continents. [3] 

It’s the world’s busiest airport for international passenger traffic with approximately 90 million passengers in 2018. [4]

The events industry services associations and corporations which is incentivized from within to inform, educate, and advance employees. Conferences are the ideal vehicle for coordination.

Therefore, the convincing call to action and self-examination that the best motivational speakers in Dubai UAE spark become a formidable tool in unleashing performance.

2.  Fortune 500 Companies Utilising the Best Motivational Speakers in Dubai UAE

Iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers with its first-class business offices dots this farsighted city.

Fortune 500 companies view Dubai as a popular choice for regional headquarters [5]. Fortune magazine compiles a most-interesting annual analysis which pointed out that “Dubai was well ahead of the next favoured city, Johannesburg, South Africa”.

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Motivational Speakers for South Africa

All companies strive towards higher profitability and more efficiency. For these organizations that want to host conferences, a vibrant world of opportunities awaits. The top communicators for the Arab world stimulate personal revolutions in the hearts and minds of staff that can translate into radically improved workplaces.

Transformation of structures is a job most often undertaken by management and specialists that might come across as technical, theoretical, and impersonal. Real transformation comes when employees buy into new ideas and innovative structures.

This is where motivational speakers in Dubai UAE can play a vital communication role, e.g. during new organizational roll-outs or product launches.

Conversion or adjustment to change is often instilled from outside the traditional managerial and authority structures. Top keynoters such as celebrities, captains of industry, experts and motivators hold sway over their listeners precisely because their authority is acknowledged objectively, and agreed upon by all.

This can be in stark contrast to the subjective and/or unfair review of management’s expertise by staff – justifiably or not. Paradoxically it may take an outsider to convince your people of the value of innovative undertakings.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s CEO & President Hamad Buamim stands at the forefront of the formation of an advisory board. It will embody the interests of Fortune 500 companies doing business in Dubai [6].

A common organizational culture tendency in corporations across the globe is thought patterns and embracing the idea that, because things have been done one way, it should continue.

In changing mindsets and realising employee potential, motivational speakers in Dubai UAE can play a significant role as change agents.

Igniting the spark, the change factor is immense. While their subject matter or approach may not always be linked to a specific business, it is the effect that they have on delegates at events that is the importance of their messages.

3.  Consumers are the Gateway for the Best Dubai Motivational Speakers in the UAE

“Dubai has a lot of impressive buildings, endless numbers of cranes dotting the skyline, non-stop sun, and plenty of opportunity. And yes, it even has a Minister for Happiness” explained Neil Petch, Chairman of Virtugroup. One and a half billion consumers have a gateway to Dubai [7].

Take away the consumers and there’s no commerce and hence no need for motivational speakers in Dubai UAE. The city is a world-renowned center for global events and has one of the world’s foremost infrastructures. With over 1300 retail outlets, the Dubai Mall [amongst 95 other malls] is the largest shopping center on the planet [8].

Charlie Wright, Co-Founder at Eventerprise.com explains “The United Arab Emirates has become the premier destination for events that bring the world together. The scale of events in the UAE is on a level that rises far above mere extravagance.” [9].

Because year on year, the focus and emphasis of your conference will adjust, it is wise to select those motivational speakers in Dubai UAE who can do the same: and not repeat their standard presentation verbatim every single time. Rather, a keynoter that can get into the swing of shifting perspectives becomes a valuable asset at business conferences.

But first, why will you be looking to hire Dubai motivational speakers for conferences? Meetings are fairly inward-looking: designed to address issues of logistics, morale, structure, and control within the corporation. But as many have learned over the years, an outside perspective is often an asset for business planning.

Motivational Speakers for Doha | Motivational Speakers for Qatar

Motivational Speakers for Abu Dhabi UAE

Using highly skilled specialists for the city is always a good strategy.

These motivational speakers for Dubai can be serious experts in their field, captains of industry themselves, or gifted motivators.

4.  Dubai World Trade Centre

Visit Dubai reports that 3 million people from 160 global markets visit the Dubai World Trade Centre annually. The city is highly appealing for business and there “are many reasons why event planners choose Dubai for their business events.” The appealing rationale is straight-forward: “Safety, global accessibility and a modern infrastructure against a traditional backdrop, are some of the factors that have made this city of contrasts, the world’s fourth most visited destination. Dubai has a deep-rooted history at the global crossroads of trade.” [3]

The other important reason for using motivational speakers in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is that it must be acknowledged that you cannot maintain the focus and complete attention of the attendees over a two to three-day period on one subject area.

External communicators provide an invigorating, “out the box” experience which is ideal to keep your attendees fresh, mentally alert and interested in proceedings.

By providing presentations that also talk round the bigger issues that the company faces, you provide a more holistic feel to the conference, encouraging free entrepreneurial thought and personal development of those in attendance.

While within the structure of the conference, your internal management and outside experts will address the pressing issues of the day.

The best motivational speakers in Dubai UAE can provide the inspirational impetus and stimulus that catapults staff out of their normal, boxed way of thinking, and propels them into a more creative, unlimited mindset.

While employees spend their days performing the tasks that make up their job descriptions, most speakers will invite them to think about matters that count before and after their input in the business matrix.

The skillfulness of your people most times will not be in question, but how to unlock that potential and turn it into results is the trick.

Conferences are influential in that, in the dislocation from conventional workings access and practices, many employees come out of their roles and shells far more. It is here that the true power of the individual can be revealed if they are provided with a secure and understanding environment that will consider innovative ideas.

5.  Expo 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 DUBAI expects twenty-five million international visitors and 190 nations to take part. [10] It would be the most international visitors in the history of World Expos including multilateral organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.

The structure of any conference differs from the day-to-day workplace. It is a more open forum, where greater freedom of exchange exists, and the traditional roles are temporarily in downscale. This is an opportunity to identify new leaders, new ideas, and pick out the thinkers and doers from your organization.

In seminars, open discussions, and free sessions, the staff themselves can vote with their attitudes. It’s a situation of joint effort without the usual strict conventions.

There’s hardly a more robust way of enacting and promoting these ideas than through the expertise of the best motivational speakers in Dubai UAE.

With a little strategic thinking and research, keynote speeches can be skillfully utilized across the board to reinforce, enhance and expand on the topics at hand. They provide a credible, real-world demonstration of the value and power of self-improvement, and can inspire even the most disinterested employees into action.

In short, there’s a skill in its own right to selecting orators for your conference. Reputable agents will be able to direct you to the best in their fields. But you will have to select your direction and strategy to make use of an agent productively.

This means more than just selecting a good technical speaker, it means finding someone who fits in with the other content on the agenda, and who can add real value by backing up the messages you are wanting to send through the event.

Storytelling has long been acknowledged as an energetic tool for knowledge transfer, and specialist speakers will have plenty of their own stories to tell.

This kind of anecdotal learning is compelling and relaxed and recounts the victories and failures within the theme providing concrete real-world examples for the audience in a manner that is both engaging and memorable.

The best motivational speakers in Dubai UAE will beguile audiences with verbal skills, but also provide 3-D, layered experiences.

They utilise audio-visual presentations with eye-catching photos which stimulate attention beyond the verbal level, resulting in excellent retention and concentration. It’s always a good idea to look for those who are strong in their AV presentations. Research shows that audio messages that are backed up with visual messages are far more likely to be retained by the average audience. It also helps keep the interest factor high, and audiences absorb information almost subliminally, even if they may initially be resistant to the message.

Combined with their out-the-box relevance and the ability to join their experience and opinions with the objectives of your conference, you can begin to see why the best Dubai motivational speakers are more than just nice to have at your annual company event.

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Next time you are at a conference, think how the keynoter fits into the matrix and ask yourself, how many extras are these delegates getting that will benefit both themselves and their company in the long term?  And then ask yourself how you might go about selecting someone to speak at your next event.

Are You a UAE Event Professional of an Upcoming Corporate or Trade Association Meeting?

If you’re the organiser of a corporate conference or trade association event, promotion is crucial for its success. Walking into a hall full of folks wearing name tags and passing around business cards, you want to be proud that you put it together.

Attracting key decision-makers to your event and giving them a grand experience is a challenge. But, in these difficult financial times, the success depends on the ability of conference coordinators to deliver relevant, eye-catching, and inspiring presentations with the best motivational speakers in Dubai, UAE that can adapt to the interests of the attendees.

There are two requirements you must first have in mind. First, you want someone who is going to truly motivate your delegates. Second, you’re looking for someone who will hold the audience interest – which may not necessarily mean a comedian or entertainer.

It is easy to acquire contact details; however, over the last few years we’ve seen budgets dwindle, sponsors pull out, and attendee numbers decline. With these challenges, it’s crucial that you get the most return for your investment possible and ensure you will get the most ROI.

The benefits of having speakers from outside a particular industry/country are clear – they can offer new angles and practical advice to fill the attention of busy attendees. This is because outsiders are perceived to have greater credibility than insiders.

They don’t have any vested interest in preserving the status quo; they have no knife sharpened for the industry honchos or an axe to grind against management. This means outsiders can be more objective, so they can see things more clearly than insiders.

Regardless of whether you go local or global with your search for the best motivational speakers for Dubai, be sure you have a sense of the change of pace and viewpoints.

Make sure, though, to select a range of viewpoints – even if you want to feature one that lobbies for the “other side,” ensure to have someone who takes the common view as well. This adds variety without giving a sense that you are trying to sell your audience on one idea. Motivational speakers for the UAE (from another country or industry) can shed light on particular business issues.

It’s a great occasion to mix industry experts (often called thought leaders) into your lineup of Dubai motivational speakers to show people you are also plugged in to what’s outside your corner of the world. But when choosing such keynoters, understand that they may be on another coast or even the other side of the world. 



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