About Motivational Speaker Estienne De Beer

The meerkat motivational speaker, Estienne de Beer is one of the award-winning motivational speakers who travel all over the world to conferences and events for corporate companies. His one hour motivational keynote talk “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace” features the most heart-stopping and striking wildlife pics ever seen of these charismatic little animals. Through passionate theme-weaving, Estienne parallels the daily ups (and downs) of meerkats in the wild and how their survival techniques can be implemented for corporate success, business break-through, tremendous teamwork and individual performance.

Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace

The key message of “Meerkat Motivation” can be tailored to the goals and objectives of almost any business event or corporate conference. These customizations cuts across all industries and can take account of general motivation; teamwork, sales; leadership; change, risk management, safety and diversity. You pick your choice…

Quick Bio

Estienne’s career includes some picturesque encounters of pain and progress; witnessing anti-smuggling operations involving elephant tusks and rhino horns; a leadership award from one of the top multi-national companies and a “Speaker of the Year” recognition. His book “Boosting Your Career – Tips from Top Executives” combined with published business articles makes him a dedicated writer and one of the popular motivational speakers on the professional speaking circuit.

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