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Estienne de Beer is an award-winning motivational speaker and leadership development specialist with in-depth experience across many companies, countries and cultures. Your event theme and creative capacity of his talk can blend into motivation, sales, teambuilding, leadership, business, change, management, safety, risk, teamwork, inspiration, diversity, nature, wildlife, conservation etc. See examples at bottom of page…

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Award-Winning Motivational Speaker

Estienne de Beer has empowered corporate audiences worldwide at conferences and business events through his wildlife presentation “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”, a keynote talk about achieving results in business, top performance, exceptional teamwork and outstanding leadership.

In addition to an industry-related “Speaker of the Year” award, Estienne has also authored the book “Boosting Your Career – Tips from Top Executives”.

Corporate Experience Prior to Becoming a Motivational Speaker

During his corporate career, Estienne headed up the training and leadership development of a Fortune 500 company’s South African operations and served as a leadership development resource for the African and Middle East operations.

He received a “Manager of the Year” award in 2000, the same year in which the Financial Mail awarded his employer the title of one of the top 3 companies in South Africa.

This leadership award was based on the significant impact made on the business, implementation of the diversity policy, demonstrating the transferable skills required of a top manager, and being a role model to aspiring managers. At the time, he led his sales team to the number one position within the retail sales force.

Leadership Development

Estienne’s personal centre of influence as a motivational speaker includes a network of accomplished business leaders worldwide.

He has consulted globally and locally to a number of well-known companies, focusing strongly on leadership development, employee motivation, learning and development, and personality assessments.

Estienne has also published articles in various business magazines amongst other titles like “Immature Leaders Go Off Like Milk”, “The Menace of Micromanagement”, and “The Perils of Positive Thinking”. As part of his professional degree in Communications, he majored in Industrial Psychology and Public Relations.

Motivational Speaker References

  • “Our ‘Speaker of the Year’ Estienne de Beer delivers world-class content with humour, style and passion and his ethics and professionalism are both unimpeachable. We are very honoured to work with him.” Bronwyn Hesketh, Bureau Principal, Speakers Inc

  • “Highly inspirational and unlimited passion combined with the ability to use metaphors. Estienne has built an incredible skill in getting people to think how their (changed) behaviour can positively contribute. A positive experience from start to end.” Michel van Beek, President, Fellowes Europe
  • “Estienne was invited to our regional Africa management conference and delivered an absolutely brilliant, passionate and funny presentation. The feedback was overwhelming, the wake-up call from the usual dull, corporate topics was well heard and meerkats have stayed on everyone’s mind. Estienne was professional throughout and I can only highly recommend him to an event.” Hermann Zunker, Director Africa, Lufthansa Cargo

  • “… for a sales force spanning seven Middle East countries … Estienne’s ability to hold the attention of a multi-cultural audience with diverse backgrounds in a non-threatening, humorous manner is simply astounding and relating human behaviour to that of the meerkat … set the scene for a world-class inaugural Sales Conference!” – Amanda Grose, Regional HR Manager, RMD Kwikform Middle East 
  • “…he has the ability to combine day to day practicality with the enhancement of extra vigour and enthusiasm. I will use him again without hesitation.”Mike Smith, Head : Europe Sub Region 2, EMEA region & Latin America, Bayer Diabetes Care

  • “The day started off with a bang with Estienne de Beer. His entertaining style, interesting information and pertinence was a superb way to get the conference started and judging from the evaluation forms, he got a “big thumbs up” from everyone!” –  The Association of Personnel Service Organizations 
  • “Estienne is clearly a very gifted individual on the subjects of leadership development and motivational speaking. I believe it is the result of having experienced and demonstrated many of the skills critical to good leadership in various business and non-business settings. In addition, he is blessed to have a passion and propensity for framing and communicating the key aspects of leadership and personal development in a way that connects with broad groups of people.  I value the learning and development on leadership that Estienne has brought to both my organizations and to myself.” – Jack Bailey, Pharmaceutical Executive, USA

  • “The most unique way of illustrating the profound lessons to be learnt by incorporating the life-changing characteristics of these seemingly insignificant animals into one’s daily dealings with people and situations.” Gary Paul, Executive Director: Human Resources, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • “Estienne is an extraordinarily professional presenter. He was an amazing person to work with, making the Dell Sales Conference a huge success! The audience raved about his presentation. We will not hesitate to use Estienne again!” Old Shanghai Events Management Company 

  • “Estienne and I have worked together on a number of occasions and without fail he is able to communicate a message simply and extremely effectively using the meerkat which all audiences can relate too.  His passion and energy are amazing and makes him capture the audience even more.  A great leader and someone I would use again.”   Vanessa Olver, Deputy CEO and Group Executive: Services Division, Business Connexion Group
  • “Estienne is a captivating presenter and motivational speaker who can take complex messages and communicate them clearly and simply to people within the organisation and most importantly make those messages memorable to all.  Estienne uses the language of meerkats to translate complexity into simple and effective communication.” Steven King, Chief Commercial Officer, Emtelle Group of Companies, United Kingdom 

  • “Estienne was awesome, dynamic and the audiences loved him. I can strongly recommend him to any organisation looking for a professional speaker.” Mark Keating, CEO SalesGuru
  • “Who knew meerkats are so similar to us, human beings? Estienne de Beer taught us leadership, teamwork, performance and success, all through the eyes of these adorable little suricates.” Mareen Hüffmeier, CEO, UNIBA Partners, Belgium

Motivational Talk: Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace

This one-hour keynote presentation called “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace” features the most heart-stopping and striking wildlife images ever seen of these charismatic little animals and has taken Estienne as a wildlife motivational speaker from South Africa to conferences across the globe.

Through passionate theme-weaving, he parallels the daily ups (and downs) of meerkats in the wild and how their survival behaviours can be implemented for corporate success, business break-through, tremendous teamwork and individual performance.

The key message of the meerkat motivational talk can be modified to the goals and objectives of most corporate events, team buildings and business conferences.

The personalization cuts across industries and can take account of overall motivation, leadership, business, team building, change management, inspiration, sales, safety, nature, diversity, teamwork, risk, management, conservation and wildlife to mention a couple. Do you need to think a little more about your objectives and theme?

Here are some examples…

You can pick your choice or enquire about customization for your event:

  • Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”   (For Motivational Speaker)
  • High-Performance Teamwork – Meerkat Style   (For Teambuilding Speaker)
  • lnspirational Leadership in Tough Times – Meerkat Style   (For Leadership Speaker)
  • Success in Sales – Meerkat Style   (For Sales Speaker)
  • Safety in the Workplace – Meerkat Style   (For Safety Speaker)
  • Harnessing Diversity – Meerkat Style   (For Diversity Speaker)
  • Risk Management – Meerkat Style   (For Risk Speaker)
  • Championing Change – Meerkat Style   (For Change Speaker)
  • Joining Hands for Conservation – Meerkat Style”   (For Conservation Speaker)

5 Min Video Trailer (more in-depth version)

“Wow” Your Employees with the Right Motivational Speaker (Whoever Will Work Best for You)

It’s a proven fact that, over time, employees suffer from a lack of motivation, especially in tough economic times when sales (and heads) are down. And that’s exactly when a motivational speaker can assist to put the spark back. 

Estienne de Beer is a wildlife motivational speaker for corporate events and business conferences. His renowned keynote talk “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace” is inspiring audiences worldwide through business performance lessons and actionable insights from the animal kingdom.

Your event needs are unique. Whether you are looking for motivational speakers, team-building speakers, sales speakers, leadership speakers, safety speakers, inspirational speakers, conservation speakers, change speakers, risk speakers, diversity speakers or wildlife speakers there is tremendous flexibility in this presentation to customise it to your conference theme.

Valuable lessons can be learnt from nature and it highlights the best from meerkat behavior. These small but feisty animals have to survive daily onslaughts by their “business” competition in a harsh semi-desert climate. They navigate their way through these difficult circumstances by solid teamwork.

This keynote presentation remains a winner with audiences.

Estienne’s years of experience in the corporate world gives him insight into the difficulties of leading demotivated employees and the resulting productivity challenges. Leave it to fester, and these factors can seriously influence the bottom-line of a team.

Hire a Seasoned Motivational Speaker Who Will Inspire Your Team

If your business is pursuing a new corporate goal or you are attempting to inspire a team that is struggling to grow its previous level of performance, you should deliberate getting in touch with a motivational speaker. Hire an experienced communicator who will inspire your team to work harder, find meaning in their job, and work with you to inspire effort. 

By taking a dual approach to motivation, organizations can create contexts that optimize intrinsic motivation, rather than constantly bombarding with external motivators and bonuses.

A “wow” motivational speaker will assist teams to view their work more positively and help them realize how it fits into the overall picture. 

Estienne de Beer can give your people a dose of enthusiasm by reminding them what is important about their contribution to the organization. Through his theme, audiences can visualize the actions and achievements they plan to reach and that through the lens of nature.

Consider What Style You Prefer, Before Booking a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker can play a major role in inspiring audiences to pursue their career dreams and become more loyal by discussing various topics on different aspects of the business sphere. 

Estienne’s content has evolved across time with a greater emphasis on teamwork, relationship-building, personal growth and corporate success. 

Almost every motivational speaker relates her or his personal story to the audience, and use this information to inspire them. A good one can teach lessons and motivate individuals through insightful storytelling. 

A motivational speaker reminds delegates at a conference that there’re bigger goals than just their own. S/he can help trigger emotions to mold commitment among employees to achieve common goals.