Top Guest Speakers in Cape Town, But Why Hire Them?

Inviting guest speakers in Cape Town to company conferences is part of a massive international trend.

 Cape Town Guest Speaker to motivate! 

This has resulted in an entire industry springing up worldwide around speakers and the work that they do. The Mother City has some of the foremost communicators in the country available to speak at events. They range from high-octane motivators through to world-famous endurance athletes.

Guest Speakers in Cape Town: How to Benefit from Hiring Them?

  1. Create an external focus
  2. Fall into different categories
  3. Bring new perspectives
  4. Part of an international trend
  5. Easy to find a match
  6. Deploy powerful tools
  7. Epitomize the best

Why do companies across the globe regularly bring in outside know-how such as guest speakers in Cape Town?

Organizations are experts in their respective fields. Companies that have been set up to service a particular niche, or range of niches, and that have dedicated time, energy and resources to understanding it well enough to sell that on in a business model.

As such, they are fairly self-contained entities that are specialised and very focussed.  Why are they then using others to address staff when they are looking to up productivity, address motivation or inspire change and even loyalty? Surely as specialists in their field, these businesses hold all the intellectual capital required to achieve these aims?

Here are a few synergistic connections:

1.  Guest Speakers in Cape Town Create External Focus

The truth is that there’s a proliferation of professional orators whose careers have become public speaking. They travel from company to company and country to country presenting their ideas and experiences to employees and management. Even though these organizations are indeed specialists in their field, it is easy to see why this has emerged as a trend.

Guest speakers in Cape Town are valuable to clients precisely because of their difference.

And their influence or ideas can be felt in areas apart from a business practice that can have an enormous impact on the way staff and management operate. Many speakers, such as prominent and successful business people and experts in their field, rely on the direct educational impact that they can have on your staff.

For example, a management and change specialist can impart expert knowledge and practical techniques during a presentation. But those who have achieved much against the odds, or are world-class athletes and/or celebrities also bring a wealth of valuable information to the table.

From these guest speakers in Cape Town, employees can learn the value of determination, dedicated implementation and the values necessary to overcome obstacles.

2.  Guest Speakers in Cape Town Fall into Different Categories

External presenters fall into a number of categories, and, depending on the needs of the specific client, they can address several areas in the life of the average company.

Clients can consider guest speakers in Cape Town in the form of celebrity speakers, captains of industry, motivational speakers, inspirational speakers (those who have endured hardship and lived to tell the tale), industry experts and more.

In fact, the range is so vast that often the question is not whether to have these orators, but rather how to choose them.

3.  Guest Speakers in Cape Town Bring New Perspectives

The rationale for hiring is almost as diverse as the communicators themselves. But loosely, most companies are hoping to achieve several key things including education, entertainment and motivation for their staff. Hence an Everest climbing ex-professional footballer, a recovering addict film star, as well as the CEO of a major corporation all have lessons to impart to corporate audiences.

The trick is to be able to present guest speakers from Cape Town that are interesting and informative enough to hold the attention and pass on the lessons they have.

Although by definition, companies are niched specialists, in the modern business environment, diversification and market knowledge are key. A skilled guest speaker in Cape Town has the ability to present new thoughts and ways of thinking in a manner that is accessible and acceptable to their audience, thereby introducing new ways of seeing problems and challenges that can only enhance existing business practice.

Whether your speaker is an expert in their field, a celebrity of some kind, or a captain of industry, their unique and new perspective is the value they bring to the table.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a large corporate, or a small SMME, guest speakers in Cape Town are an important and clever part of in-house development and education. Guests can play an important role in skills development and provide an excellent example of what is possible for most human beings, should they put their mind to a task.

In addition, the positivity that speakers radiate is an excellent morale booster, putting staff back in touch with their own dreams and visions, while looking for opportunities to realise company goals and fast track their development.

Remember to also check whether the Cape Town guest speaker you decide to book works as a consultant as well as a presenter.

It is a good thing to know that an individual who hits the mark with staff is available for further follow up consulting should it be desired. Many guest speakers in the Mother City, especially the experts in their field and industry captains offer consulting services in addition to speaking.

What better way to see if a consultant is going to be able to interface with your corporate culture than observing their ability to engage with your employees during a presentation?

4.  Booking Guest Speakers in Cape Town is Part of An International Trend

The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is the foremost destination for international conferences in Africa. It’s an active workplace for busy guest speakers in Cape Town. For most, the act of speaking in public is a calling and a vocation in its own right. The demand for them in the corporate sector has also become such that it is a highly competitive environment.

As is always the case with competition, this means that companies, as clients for speakers, are reaping the benefits of an ever-broadening range of ever more professional and competent orators. Thanks also to the shrinking global market, companies from just about anywhere, can book international names and make sure that they are up to date with local as well as global trends.

The modern guest speaker is a global traveller connected to business and networks across the world. Cape Town guest speakers are capable of passing on the accessibility and immediacy of global business essence in the space of sixty minutes.

As such, the best of the best is more than just the sum of the knowledge they can impart to an audience, they are a source of personal inspiration and motivation that can deliver a magnitude on the unquantifiable levels of attitude, approach and motivation.

5.  It’s Easy to Find a Match

No matter how experienced in conference or convention organising they might be, in-house staff might have a tough time keeping up with new speakers and the latest trends. Agents can be great matchmakers for company events. Which is why the speaker’s agent can be of great help to clients and event organisers.

A good speaker agent should make selecting which guest speaker in Cape Town will suit your event very easy.

When you want to go about booking a presenter for your event, make sure you give a clear and concise brief on the objectives, desired outcomes, format and tone of a particular event to the agent. An agent will easily be able to recommend guest speakers in Cape Town that are suitable for the style of your event, as well as those being able to meet your objectives.

Making use of a reputable agent not only means that you gain professional assistance with finding the right kind of individual for your conference but it is also wise as it gives you the assurance of a particular speaker being able to deliver. A good agent would never risk their reputation just to push a sub-standard speaker guest speaker. They want you to come back and they are going to give you the best for what you require.

6.  Tools of the Guest Speakers Trade

Your typical Cape Town guest speaker will conduct an hour-long presentation. But don’t think that this means one boring hour of someone talking endlessly about themselves and their life.

Most top guest speakers in Cape Town utilise effective technology available to show serious AV presentations.

These presentations can include video clips, photographs, summaries, key points to remember and more. By including a top-end presentation, they can hold attention and provide good retention by engaging attention on the audio, visual and cognitive levels.

But a guest communicator can also have a longer-term effect than just a one-hour presentation. In addition to their AV tools, many have published a book or range of books that back up the learnings they present. Most are also amenable to negotiated bookings that can include copies for delegates in the speaking fee.

The books serve as a handy post-event reminder for your workforce, a kind of take away refresher course if you will, as well as a source for further study for those who have been truly inspired.

Many guest speakers in Cape Town also have DVD’s and pamphlets available. Their personal websites are the best place to look to check up on credentials and additional products they may offer.

In short, the experience doesn’t have to begin and end with a single presentation.

7.  Guest Speakers in Cape Town Epitomize the Best

For companies seeking to manage change, and promote growth and staff buy-in, the best guest speakers in Cape Town represent a formidable tool.

The power of hearing one person attests to the achievements and development that they have attained in an intimate setting, accompanied by good visuals and sound cannot be overstated.

While it has become passé to refer to motivational speakers, the motivating factor of accomplishment by others can be over-stated. It’s not that your speaker needs to be an over-enthusiastic, desk banging motivator. It is rather that, as otherwise ordinary people, many of them have achieved extraordinary things.

By seeing top Cape Town guest speakers in the flesh, many realise that all it takes to achieve greatness is the desire to begin. 

The best guest speakers in Cape Town show their dedication to quality, innovation, efficiency, and value. Yet they do so in ways that are immediately understandable and practicable.

For keeping current employees motivated, few tactics are as effective as hosting speakers who have been the driving force behind their own organizations’ success.

What are the qualities needed to recognize the best guest speakers in Cape Town? Think of the people others would nominate as being inspirational, or possessing wisdom of a high level.

Look for people who have achieved success in your organization’s industry. These people have already been through similar challenges and passed others’ tests of character. These are ideal candidates to be invited.

They provide a personal touch when they relate real-life experiences to their topics. A guest speaker in Cape Town, particularly an expert in their field of interest, is bound to stimulate, motivate and inspire an audience. The experience is motivational and educational.

One of the most powerful tools management can use to drive change, growth and buy-in from a team is a guest speaker.

Having these people come in and share their experiences put others from the staff on notice that success exists outside their comfort zone.

An effective presentation by an outside guest speaker can bolster a company’s inspirational efforts, create a stronger sense of community while building an open forum for staff.

The best Cape Town guest speakers can speak to change and growth on two fronts. They need to challenge the company’s staff behaviour and limit resistance to the change. Employees are to stay motivated when the going gets rough, or where there are visible slowdowns.

They also need to promote growth by expanding their knowledge, confidence, skills and talents.

A note of caution: Just because someone has achieved success through their involvement, research or work on different projects in their industry doesn’t mean they are the best Cape Town guest speaker for your employees.

When you have inspirational and highly successful business personalities come together to share their experience with an audience, it can make a big impact.

It’s one thing to tell people they can do something. It’s another for them to hear someone who’s actually done it.

It’s a strategy that allows you to have a knowledgeable party speak on your behalf, sharing their personal experiences about how they started their businesses and what strengths led them to success.

These inspiring words provide the employees you’re looking to inspire with insight into what greatness looks like, which can motivate them to reach similar heights in their careers.

Having the best Cape Town guest speakers might mean that your employees will be kept up to date – both with the latest happenings within the market and with industry developments that could impact your company’s performance.

Moreover, having them representing great achievements, share their insights on the ways they have been able to accomplish those feats.

This makes guest speaking an exponentially important factor in shaping individuals, team chemistry, as well as a company’s culture. From a business perspective, its impact goes beyond promotion and engagements.

From marketing initiatives to branding opportunities; the best guest speakers in Cape Town are an invaluable source for enhancing organizational identity.

In the entrepreneurial world, external communicators are used as a matter of course. But they are just as effective in a corporate environment. Employees who witness others achieve high levels of success gain real-world assurance that goals are achievable. They have a template to match their hard work with an adequate appreciation for excellence.

Some of the most influential yardsticks include celebrities and athletes, many of whom have self-help books written by them to inspire and teach others about overcoming adversity.

A guest speaker in Cape Town can hold audience attention on a variety of topics. A speaker’s ability to influence and motivate audiences makes that person a sought-after commodity.

If companies want their management teams, employees, or customer base to embrace a new concept, attitude, or opinion, an effective way to accomplish these goals is to invite an expert in the field to be a guest speaker.

It’s no surprise that the best guest speakers in Cape Town are those who eloquently advocate for the company values, vision, and mission. Consequently, if a company is philosophically aligned with its speakers, leadership should temper the need for a highly orchestrated plan because the venue of success is already pre-built via the guest speaker’s track record.