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The best motivational speakers deliver world-class presentations at corporate events. The inspirational intent is to energise, enlighten and challenge audiences to action.

  • Estienne de Beer is a popular motivational speaker and a proven choice to kick-start your next event with “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”.
  • Whatever your theme, he will tailor the message for a perfect fit.
  • This includes motivation, inspiration, business, leadership, teamwork, sales, change, diversity, safety, management, risk, team building, nature, wildlife, conservation etc.

Since ancient times, people have gleaned from nature’s example. This infectiously energetic keynote speech has inspired audiences internationally by demonstrating how meerkats’ performance behaviours can be applied to the workplace.

HOME TUNNEL for Motivational Speaker Estienne de Beer

The best motivational speakers deliver world-class presentations at corporate events. The inspirational intent is to energise, enlighten and challenge audiences to action.

  • Estienne de Beer is a popular motivational speaker and a proven choice to kick-start your next event with “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”.
  • Whatever your theme, he will tailor the message for a perfect fit.
  • This includes motivation, inspiration, business, leadership, teamwork, sales, change, diversity, safety, management, risk, team building, nature, wildlife, conservation etc.

Since ancient times, people have gleaned from nature’s example. This infectiously energetic keynote speech has inspired audiences internationally by demonstrating how meerkats’ performance behaviours can be applied to the workplace.

Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace

Estienne de Beer presents “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”, an exhilarating hour of gripping wildlife visuals and actionable insights. The uncensored story of these fascinating little creatures reveals their success principals and how this synergy can be passed on to the workplace.

Now you also can bring this keynote presentation to your next conference or event. In doing so, delegates will be abundantly inspired to strive for higher levels of individual and organisational performance.

The core message of “Meerkat Motivation” can be tailored to the aim of almost any business event or corporate conference. These customisations include inspiration, motivation, leadership, business, sales, teamwork, risk, change, safety, diversity, management, nature, team building, conservation, wildlife etc. 


Here are examples:


  • “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”  
  • “Success in Sales – Meerkat Style” 
  • “High-Performance Teamwork – Meerkat Style”  
  • “Championing Change – Meerkat Style”  
  • “lnspirational Leadership in Tough Times – Meerkat Style”  
  • “Safety in the Workplace – Meerkat Style” 
  • “Harnessing Diversity – Meerkat Style”  
  • “Risk Management – Meerkat Style”  
  • “Joining Hands for Conservation – Meerkat Style

Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace

Estienne de Beer presents “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”, an exhilarating hour of gripping wildlife visuals and actionable insights. The uncensored story of these fascinating little creatures reveals their success principals and how this synergy can be passed on to the workplace.

Now you also can bring this keynote presentation to your next conference or event. In doing so, delegates will be abundantly inspired to strive for higher levels of individual and organisational performance.

The core message of “Meerkat Motivation” can be tailored to the aim of almost any business event or corporate conference. These customisations include inspiration, motivation, leadership, business, sales, teamwork, risk, change, safety, diversity, management, nature, team building, conservation, wildlife etc.


Here are examples:


  • “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”  
  • “Success in Sales – Meerkat Style” 
  • “High-Performance Teamwork – Meerkat Style”  
  • “Championing Change – Meerkat Style”  
  • “lnspirational Leadership in Tough Times – Meerkat Style”  
  • “Safety in the Workplace – Meerkat Style” 
  • “Harnessing Diversity – Meerkat Style
  • “Risk Management – Meerkat Style
  • “Joining Hands for Conservation – Meerkat Style 

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Motivational Speakers | Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speakers are hired by companies for a ton of reasons. They are defined by their ability to influence a change in an audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or actions. They act as a nudge at events and are reliable sources to get courage, poise, self-confidence and juggle with workplace challenges.

From an event management perspective, motivational speakers benefit to increase the engagement of attendees and empowering them with determination. They focus on the need for creating more effective methods of harnessing human abilities in order to achieve success in companies and talk about topics such as personal motivation, leadership and teamwork.

The aim is to facilitate forward-looking ideas and introduce different perspectives to their audiences. Motivational speakers foster creativity and encourage collaborative leadership, which is why it’s common to find them at corporate conferences, trade shows and events all over the world.

These keynoters will typically give headline speeches at big international conferences and smaller meetings or workshops for the company’s employees. Today, some of the largest meetings on earth showcase them.

Selected countries with communicators who have travelled to all corners of the world and have vibrant conference and event industries, including international gig cities which are hubs for motivation:

Motivational speakers in South Africa

Motivational speakers in UAE | Motivational speakers in Dubai

Motivational speakers in Abu Dhabi

Motivational speakers in London UK United Kingdom

Motivational speakers in Qatar | Motivational speakers in Doha

Motivational speakers in Johannesburg

Motivational speakers in Cape Town 

Fortune 500 companies and other big corporations spend a lot of time, energy, and budgets planning their meetings and annual events.

Organizations book these travelling communicators from all over the globe to inspire conferences with their powerful speeches.

Every corporation, company, entrepreneur, and business owner wants their business or organization to be as successful as possible. Without a good corporate culture, this is not possible. That is why many of them look for motivators that can challenge large groups of employees with keynote speeches.

Funny motivational speakers are professionals who empower, delight, and entertain. These types of orators use creative humorous talks in a format, style, and tone that is most effective.

Funny motivational speakers use humour through an engaging story to create that emotional appeal. Humour draws crowds in and makes them easier to reach emotionally. Audiences chuckle imagining how their bosses might look in clown costumes. Funniness is a universal language that is efficient at getting points across.

Comedians and humorous motivational speakers have one thing in common. Jokes! Humour is tricky to be used effectively in the world of business, but when it’s done right, it can do wonders.

Funny motivational speeches are stories that coincide with light-hearted jokes, metaphors and analogies. It appears to be a contradiction in terms, and seem to have no place amongst serious business people. Yet their touch of humour can be incredibly compelling and noteworthy.

The funny part of a speech makes the audience have an emotional attachment to the subject, reason, topic, talk or lecture. Funny motivational speakers are often used in corporate and non-profit campaigns and are also common in comedy shows whilst they mix fun with motivation.

Humour is the core of these motivational exercises. Not only is it good medicine while going through a tough time but also it is an effective way to show people how to move on in business.

Humorous motivational speakers are rare gems because they use this incredible sense as a tool to share content. Audiences tend to remember jokes more than any other type of communication if it’s well integrated.

A funny motivational speaker has the power to elicit a wide range of emotions with one joke or funny story and leaves the audience in “convulsive laughter”.

Guest Speakers | Guest Speaker

Guest Speakers make appearances at all kinds of events and can come from many fields and professional backgrounds, but they always deliver something unique.

There are multiple types and what they do at conferences. Each type of guest speaker will help bring something new to an audience. Some can entertain a group, bring footage from their life experiences, or teach on a subject. The different options can be fitted to the needs of your company’s specific event or program while providing value to the employees and/or other attendees.

Guest speakers can match “inspiration with information”. They come from colourful backgrounds and might be sportsmen, leaders, entertainers, or a simple character that has caught the imagination of planners. Regardless of who they are, it is an appealing element that large organisations should consider when planning their corporate events. Guest speakers help to attract more delegates through the doors and bring additional attention. They have influence over audiences, and this is crucial for making your mark.

They vary from keynote speakers to panellists, and you may have several at a time. This could be an industry expert, a company founder, or even the CEO of a company with a diverse range and broad range of skills to communicate and teach about their area of expertise. Understanding which guest speakers fit into which category will help you choose correctly when planning.

Most people are familiar with the term “keynote speakers”. While this is an important job, there are many other types one can consider to rounding out the agenda.

As noted guest speakers in South Africa can be professionals like athletes, musicians, celebrities or thought leaders who will talk about their experience. Whether they provide top-notch advice, fun presentations or interactive workshops, the audiences walk away with something valuable. Regardless of the type or topics covered, it’s ideal to have one at an event.

No matter who they are, they’ll lend your event spice, a sense of occasion, and something that leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Inspirational Speakers | Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational speakers share their life experiences, challenges, how they overcame them and chose to blaze their own path despite the odds against them. Inspired by the human spirit to overthrow the odds of life’s challenges, inspirational speakers motivate their audience to reach for greatness.

They share stories of success, failures and growth and might touch on subjects like ending poverty, achieving peace, curing diseases, relationships and other topics.

Most people are inspired by the achievements and personal journeys of others. These stories may include how they grew their resilience, strategies for overcoming challenges and personal development.

No matter how profitable a business is, it is not immune to obstacles. Audience members who are keen on sustainable victories and longevity, there’s no escaping the need to constantly overcome challenges and problems that keep emerging. In order to turn problems into advantages and triumph over any predicaments means inspirational speakers should be able to relate well to others.

The main aim of the inspirational speech is to deliver a positive message. In today’s business world, there is an increasing demand for the best inspirational speakers in South Africa – individuals who are can combine elements of storytelling and valuable messages in their rhetoric.

An inspirational speaker encompasses subjects – from sports to science, to business, to adventure topics. Inspiration is a compelling tool, and a good story has the power to spread like wildfire.

Some business conventions aim to teach the secrets of progress, some want to share the paths to mastery, and some invite others who have been through it all to tell their stories. The best inspirational speakers are not just delivering their experience as inspiration, they’re also relaying a message and a method that conference-goers can apply for their own positive results. Top events aim to deliver keynoters that have experienced a variety of adventures, hindrances, and accomplishments throughout their lives.

They each have an interesting punt to deliver; one about reaping what you sow in life, another about winning slowly, but surely, and yet another about a person’s ability to radically change themselves for the positive by overcoming obstacles.

Most inspirational speeches are delivered by thriving and interesting people: from celebrities, sports people, politicians to successful business leaders. Their stories often recur to overcoming stumbling blocks, facing trauma or misfortune, but ultimately reaching their goals that were hard to achieve. They spontaneously appeal to people’s emotions and imagination.

Inspirational speakers talk about the hardship they’ve survived, miracles they’ve witnessed or experienced, the wild adventures that have tested them, an ability to endure hardship or a special relationship. They won medals or discovered cures or ran faster miles. Their accounts told from the heart, are touched by unforgettable tales from some journey spanning continents or from overcoming tragedy in the face of calamity. Some tell stories that have been turned into movies for all to see on the big screen.

Animated, stirring tales inspire audiences to look at their lives and jobs in a new way, and hopefully to take action in areas they previously never considered possible. They share how they overcame fears, went through dark nights, learned to make tough decisions, survived major catastrophes and more.

We all know the life stories of those who have gone on an adventure to the arctic circle, taken a journey across Africa or scaled mountains in Nepal. We see their pictures and think: how on earth did they do it? How can we do that too?

There is no doubt about it, inspirational speakers inspire. But when the heroes are real people learning to work through life’s travails as the audience has – that’s inspiration on steroids. The words “I don’t know,” or “I’ll figure it out,” are bandied around in the presentations, as well as stories of failure and successes, big and small.

Their triumphs show how to defeat self-limiting beliefs, cycle out of the doom loop, and become accomplished, and it generates laughter, cheers and spontaneity in a live group.

There is a reason why inspirational speakers at TED conferences have tugged at the heartstrings of their listeners – it is because, in the experiences that happened to them, lessons were gained – bitter-sweet, touching and memorable ones. It is experiences like these that are told well, that enlighten and provide hope. Audiences love to hear anecdotes – especially at a conference. The key is telling stories that are personal but also relatable.

Wildlife Speakers | Wildlife Motivational Speakers | Wildlife Experts

Wildlife speakers can inspire audiences with their story-telling abilities about the wonders of wildlife. They are an exciting and unique addition to the corporate event industry. Sometimes confused with animal trainers, wildlife speakers include but are not limited to naturalists, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, sanctuary workers, and related experts. They recurrently form part of larger multi-speaker programs for event hosts.

Wildlife speakers, nature enthusiasts, and environmentalists all have one thing in common: they love wildlife! They might present information like the location of a species, whether it is venomous, how to react to the animal if encountered and gadgets for safely watching. They do not always live in the wilderness or woods and perhaps work with a wide variety of species including marine mammals, birds, reptiles, and other large mammals.

Wildlife experts can offer keynote lectures at symposia on any number of topics. Often a wildlife speaker is hired as part of an environmental-themed corporate event or business charity fundraiser. They deliver out of a need to run off the beaten path and expose different audiences to understandings that are rare. They are usually invited to talk at industry events due to their insightful presentations at nature themed-conferences.

There are countless stories about how wildlife and nature can serve as mentors for human beings. The value of these lessons is abundantly clear when listening to wildlife experts, especially if they present with an organic, authentic quality that will engage and inform audiences. There’s a knowledgeable pool of them worldwide and some connect to international speaker bureaus as well as specialist organisations like the WWF, WildAid, TRAFFIC and the Jane Goodall Institute.

These wildlife experts are educating on the animals which roam our planet and how you communities be part of an eco-friendly industry. They exchange insights with corporations, schools and civic organizations. Untruths are popping up everywhere. Wildlife speakers can help dispel the myths and misinformation about ecology, animals and conservation. They dispel common nonsense about wild species like the ridiculous notion that elephants are afraid of mice. These wildlife experts address topics about misunderstood animals and slam down the myth and set the record straight.

Here is another example of wildlife speakers. Wildlife speakers use the animal kingdom as a theme for motivation and team building. They draw on stories of survival and resilience from nature for application in the corporate world. Having a passion for educating and inspiring audiences, there are a wide variety of wildlife motivational speakers to suit any theme or topic. These presenters will share amazing animal facts, stories and examples related to the theme of your presentation or corporate event. They can contextualize and personalize understanding in clear and straightforward language.

Wildlife speakers include professors, biologists, researchers, professionals and other types of authorities, who have first-hand knowledge of animals of many species. Possibly, they receive invites to speak about very unusual angles. As a rule, they are not preachy and just have a passion for ecology. These individuals are the champions of animals and ecosystems. Their voices speak up for wild animals. They frequently share the latest research among colleagues or wildlife officials to keep abreast of the latest developments and advancements. Thus, they commonly attend professional conferences. Conference planners incorporate their voices for credibility and relevancy.

Some of the topics of interest are plant life, natural resources or other ecologically-related domains. They are occasionally wildlife experts in the fields of ecology, biology, zoölogy and environmental sciences. Their informative speeches are routinely fuelled by the latest scientific discoveries in the field of zoölogy. Understanding the habits and needs of various animal species can help set them apart from one another and understand what they have in common.

The best wildlife speakers present attractive slides with amazing photographs and illustrations which make speeches interesting for their particular listeners. Knowledgeable in working with survey data for wildlife populations, they conduct biological surveys, complete water quality tests, implement land use planning and more. The best wildlife surveys are collaborative efforts among researchers, managers, and other stakeholders. It involves thinking outside the box, including volunteers to gather data that can be used for research, management, and education.

A wildlife survey might be as simple as taking a quick census of an area during daylight hours. It can also be as complicated as conducting a night-time survey while stumbling through swamps with a spotlight in one hand and a GPS in the other. Many former and current supervisors, biologists, environmentalists, and concerned citizens hold a great passion for wildlife management.

The National Geographic Society is the world’s largest non-profit, scientific and educational institution. Its mission is to create a community of people who affect change. The National Geographic Society has a long history of sharing information about wild animals. Certain wildlife speakers are knowledgeable professionals who share their stories to support the National Geographic mission. They do this through public speaking engagements with local schools and other groups, or by teaching and sharing information. This led to an expert speaker program and wildlife experts who have been travelling the world for more than twenty years. They deliver their talks through an official partnership with National Geographic and at times an affiliation with the National Speakers Association.

Wildlife presenters can range from field experts to scientists to park rangers in parks, or even aquariums. Many of them will tell stories of how they have witnessed wildlife in their natural habitat and how it changes them as a person, leaving them inspired with something new to learn.

Wildlife motivational speakers are persuasive communicators who project a metaphor where they draw similarities or link the examples of wild animals to a booming business story. The additional key ingredients that make an outstanding wildlife motivational speaker is enthusiasm, passion, authenticity and an infectious personality that carries through their speeches.

When wildlife motivational speakers avail of animals as an analogue for business success, their audiences have found them to be very impressive. They point to animals from a variety of species as an example and also performance behaviours that attendees can learn. Audiences see that there are lessons to learn and actions to take with a view to be flourishing, even though they might not normally associate the outdoors with business.

Wildlife is a metaphor that wildlife motivational speakers utilise to help link behaviours to people’s everyday jobs. The analogy can readily be related. These examples apply to people’s daily routines and duties, as well as how these traits could stretch beyond the world of work and achieve conquests at work, especially when it comes to teamwork situations.

Animals have survived despite the odds against them – they are resilient, adaptable and innovative. Using these analogies of behavioural traits is an immense way for event-goers to consider how they can emulate the important factors as stress and obstacles face them at work.

It’s no surprise that many companies have booked wildlife motivational speakers as the kickoff for their yearlong programming or annual congresses.

Creatures from all corners of our world feature in these keynotes and offer limitless prompts for our minds to absorb. It is the perfect backdrop for a gathering. Among the innumerable lessons, the importance of discipline, teamwork, and communication are highly emphasized.

They also share some interesting anecdotes driven by survival, hunting skill, management of resources, conflict avoidance, or territorial disputes which one can incorporate into the business environment. There’s no doubt that people love animal comparisons by wildlife motivational speakers as it is connective. Wild animals are a great resource for learning and can be powerful symbols or role models. The wilds are full of intelligence, mystery, and beauty, much the same as our daily experience.

Safety Speakers | Safety Motivational Speakers | Safety Experts

Safety speakers present keynote talks at corporate events about safety in the workplace. They speak to companies about personal protective equipment, workplace hazards, safe working practices and emphasizing the importance of planning and preparing for disasters or emergencies.

Safety speakers are advocates and educators who give tips for preventing accidents, and promote a safety culture. Safety is a top priority for many companies, and the CEO and other high-level executives will want to hear from the safety experts. The goal of these presentations is to draw attention to ways that the company can improve its procedures.

Safety speakers take their experience and expert knowledge about occupational safety to corporate events, conventions, and trade shows. Their speeches offer insight on how to prevent accidents at work beyond the usual material available. The whole objective is to ensure that employees understand the processes and systems that are in place to protect them from injury and ill-health. The key facets here also include business outcomes, ensuring that safety becomes part of the corporate culture.

Safety speakers are experts and help to prevent injuries. They offer ideas to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and decrease insurance costs. You can book them for keynote talks at safety meetings, conferences, launches, banquets, and educational sessions. A Safety Day or employee dinner requires a speaker who will captivate the audience, keep their interest, and focus their attention on safety. The presentation has to capture the crowd from the opening words. They work towards not only educating but inspiring the listener to make changes that can reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

Hiring a keynote safety speaker is a great way to boost awareness. These experienced presenters know what they are talking about. They offer valuable insight into safety regulations, what the government is doing to make businesses safer, why workplace injuries happen, and how you can make a workspace safer. They also talk about supervising and ensure safety throughout your facility every day.

Safety is a crucial core value of any workplace. At a corporate conference, topics include safety procedures, effective communication, emergency preparedness and more. Safety presenters discuss ways to keep employees safe and avoid injuries. It’s up to all in the office to follow standards and precautions so that dangerous situations don’t occur. Safety speakers “sell” awareness. It is a part of everything at work – from dress code to communication to procedures. If all these things are in place, then it will help build a culture and further ensure the safety and health of employees and the quality of the products or services they deliver.

One of the goals of booking safety experts and safety speakers is to create an organization that is constantly improving its performance by addressing, managing, and reducing risks on the job. Many teams are afraid of what they don’t know. Educate them about safety precautions and they become advocates for their own protection.

Talks and topics include how to be a safe worker, how to prevent accidents on the job site, top workplace mistakes, and many others. The value is clear. Improve business operations by increasing workplace safety.

Safety motivational speakers are not only uplifting, but they can produce a sense of direction and discipline within the company. They aren’t out to bring bad news or pile on the stress. Rather, they’re committed to helping workers recognize risky possibilities can be effectively dealt with by following simple, effective, and proven methods.

Safety motivational speakers get speeches geared at corporate retreats, annual meetings, lunch-and-learn sessions toward educating employees on how they can avoid dangerous situations while encouraging them to do better as a team. In addition, they can supercharge employee morale.

Employees should be able to come to work every day without worrying about their personal wellbeing. Lightning strikes, security threats, accidents and other unexpected occurrences happen now and again. Keeping a workplace safe and encouraging workers to perform at their best is the goal of every corporation.

Safety motivational speakers unpack how to conduct oneself in the office and in the field, especially if there is an unsafe environment. Proper safety equipment and procedures like uniforms, training drills, first aid courses, industrial hygiene standards, protocol for accidents, hazards, health and hygiene are points in some presentations in order to spread awareness about the best practices.

When safety needs to be talked about to employees, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning is crucial. The truth about employees who do not feel safe is that they perform much better when they do not question their environment as they go about their daily work.

It’s a well-known fact that the psychological state of a work force plays a huge role in the success of an organization. By ensuring that your employees continue to feel motivated, and safe in their workplace, you inspire them to new levels of achievement. So, safety motivational speakers are available for hire for conferences and company outings.

Safety motivational speakers work in a variety of settings, such as government agencies, universities, law enforcement agencies, and corporations. Occasionally they are employed full time in multiple capacities, including managers, educators, directors, and supervisors. They can also work in other fields, such as nursing or emergency medical services.

When you go into a meeting room to hear a safety instructor speak, you expect everyone to wear safety clothing. Some items, like hard hats, can’t be hidden. In other sorts of outfits like coveralls, safety glasses or ear muffs, people easily misplace or forget it. Safety speakers highlight these themes.

Safety experts are a category of speaker you bring in to speak on employee wellness and are more serious than morale-boosting, and also communicate a written message to share with those at home or on vacation. Organisations can suffer serious issues which may cause injuries and even death. In industries like construction where falls are common, a worker wears personal protective equipment for instance a harness. The practical point is to pay attention and for staff to wear these harnesses.

At safety meetings, violations are an admonishment by safety speakers to lessen the chances of something serious happening. Use meetings as a place to share information and test knowledge through safety speakers.

Having safety motivational speeches about how important it is changes the vibe to a sense of urgency. Local unions nominate safety speakers. The challenge is that safety speeches at times present the same lame, boring, and monotonous topics over and over. Safety speakers deliver these topics with zeal and enthusiasm and promote on-the-job education in industries where these issues are relevant, such as manufacturing and construction.

Safety presenters answer questions about incidents and injuries that occur at work. In addition, they have statistical information on workplace injuries or provide samples of awareness material that encourage workers to take extra precautions. Nowadays attending a training seminar is one of the most effective ways of implementing a safe work environment.

Sales Speakers | Sales Motivational Speakers | Sales Trainers | Sales Experts

Sales speakers are among the top business professionals who are in-demand to speak at corporate events. They possess powerful and persuasive skills to train and encourage the sales teams and relish sharing their winning strategies to help audiences achieve more success.

In the world of sales, corporates spend each year millions of dollars to improve sales skills. Keynotes are captivating presentations and addresses by experienced sales trainers who present thought-provoking information. The best sales speakers present how-to advice for improving sales performance. They are sales authorities who demonstrate influence, credibility, and marketability in business.

Every year thousands of sales professionals get together at corporate sales conferences and trade shows. As a result, sales speakers deliver keynote talks where they share their best tips and techniques for attainment in the sales sphere. Occasionally they do one-to-one sales coaching with companies to help improve sales forces.

The best sales speakers are worth their weight in gold. A top sales trainer can be a huge asset to a company or event. He/she draws in and captivates an audience. Many firms hire sales coaches to deliver keynotes at their meetings. The best sales speakers make their audiences laugh, think and apply what they learned. They are also able to present proven sales techniques and practical solutions for their clients. Using past experiences and stories from the stage, they provide strategies that will help increase organizational sales. Salespeople have to make things happen. Sales speakers give them more tools.

In order to show that their companies are on top of the latest sales trends, management introduces the best sales speakers with their actionable methods and apps that coach the top sellers of today. Having been in the trenches doing similar jobs, sales speakers know what works and what doesn’t, so they can really fire up sales teams.

There is so much competition out there that a company needs a “hook” for their products and services, so they get sales trainers to come lecture sales reps on new strategies, techniques and training in order to increase revenue.

Lectures and seminars are desirable components of sales conferences. When it comes to the world’s largest corporations, we’ve all heard of the big names that are out there. What’s interesting is the number of top sales speakers these companies hire for sales events over the years. It’s safe to say that different businesses have different approaches when it comes to sales conferences which is why so many sales experts move through the revolving conference doors.

From main-stage keynote talks to smaller breakout sessions the focus each year changes. Sales executives are always trying to find new sales speaker to increase business.

Sales speakers stir the troops and the overarching message is that sales output is something you have to work at very hard. Every sales call is a prospect for improvement. It is no secret that corporate sales experts are some of the most sought after professionals by sales managers for their ability to deliver unique presentations suited for the corporate commercial environment.

Sales consultants work on topics like customer retention, customer acquisition, building the business brand and many other related topics. In a competitive marketplace, the best sales speakers outline the core strategies for how to out-sell the competition, address sales issues, or simply stay relevant in an industry as a sales representative. Sales talks that are given at corporate conferences include technology changes, leadership tactics, and promotional messaging changes.

Keynote speeches are a major element of corporate sales conferences, as well as national and regional meetings, trade fairs or just to create forward motion encouragement for the sales force. All companies try to attract more customers by offering fresh new plans and services to meet needs.

A sales keynote speech can yield a high return on the investment and serves as a valuable tool in reaching targets. Get the leads, negotiate with customers, build long-term customer relations and develop goodwill. Attract new clients through networking. The next top sales speaker is just one click away.

Audiences are spellbound by learning about real-world experiences in everything from closing huge corporate deals to asking for a double-raise. Sales speakers share detailed and practical insight into all aspects of how to optimise prospects in both large and small sales teams. There’s a reason why companies of all shapes and sizes look for pre-qualified sales experts and increasing revenue, beating deals, and maximizing success is part of it. The best sales speakers will walk the crowd through their experiences, ideas, and secrets to boosting profits.

A sales speaker has a powerful platform to present the toughest sales challenges, offer new selling ideas, help sales forces learn about state-of-the-art selling techniques, and stir everyone to see what’s possible. Sales speakers take over the conference stage and start their presentations with a bang.

Sales is a contact sport. Unless you hold your ground as an authority, your sales skills can appear weak and ineffective. That puts a sales rep in a vulnerable position. The best sales trainers astound with their conversational presence and power of persuasion. Through this training, companies are constantly progressing forward and staying competitive in an ever-changing market.

Sales is a numbers game. And you can’t win the numbers game without a couple of aces up your sleeve. The best sales speakers travel around the world teaching corporations how to sell, overcome objections, close deals and more.

Sales motivational speakers are a vibrant propellant to sales events and cover all sorts of topics relating to the art of selling. Persuasion, influence, closing techniques and organizational branding are just some examples of what one can expect them to cover. Most present their content in a form of a speech and use material such as real-life examples and case studies.

Whether your organization is promoting the growth of a sales force, or trying to lift a sales team promoting and selling products on the market, the best sales motivational speakers will add something to the repertoire of selling skills and techniques. Sales forces make use of their strategies and experiences to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm in order to sell products or company services.

Everyone is selling something from toothpaste, to online courses, to the ability to increase revenue. By procuring sales motivational speakers, companies can reap invaluable advisory services to sell more effectively. Whether it’s a sales team retreat, or an incentive conference, top of the line keynote presentations shares proven methods and actionable tactics for improving sales profitability.

By investing in and engaging the best sales motivational speakers, sales teams can foster a positive attitude, grow results and be more profitable. Hire them for live events, webinars, podcasts, or recorded video sales presentations on many software platforms. There’s always room for improvement. Selling is a skill that can be learned and molded.

The best sales motivational speakers are proven. They are held in high regard for their understanding of basic human psychology, selling skills, and techniques that sales teams can employ when working with clients or pitching products.

Leadership Speakers | Management Speakers | Leadership Experts | Leadership Motivational Speakers

Leadership speakers address management conferences across the globe, with an emphasis on providing real-world business advice that can be applied by delegates. These audiences have a desire to learn and develop the skills needed to become better leaders.

Leadership speakers provide concrete examples of how managing people, interpreting data and leadership methodologies work in real-life situations. They deliver insightful advice at start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and their keynotes, seminars, workshops and lectures can be tailored to fit any company’s needs.

Leadership is tough. Effective managers focus on being role models for their teams, and they try to become the best they can be at managing team members. Management training is key to becoming a better leader. Therefore, the best leadership speakers are highly sought after by conferences, seminars, and business classes across the globe.

Every year, tons of online leadership conferences are organised by various organisations throughout the world. Thousands of managers participate in these events. All participants want to improve their management skills and boost their career success. They search for personages that can touch upon this topic.

The best leadership speakers have years of on-the-job experience, having had to manage employees – sometimes hundreds or thousands of them, and they know how to keep them all working towards a common goal. They understand how to inspire individuals to succeed and bring a group together as a cohesive unit. The expertise they can pass on enables managers to hit the ground running.

Leadership experts have a leg up as they are often former CEOs, founders or board members of well-known companies who can provide concrete examples of why a certain method or concept works. Their role is to give advice that still applies to the business and can ideally be implemented in a measurable way.

The world-class talent found among leadership experts can lead any company – no matter its size – to increasing efficiency.  They are available from big names in the industry or small, even unknown names. Management speakers include consultants and subject-matter experts (SME).

Business owners want to learn from sources outside of their own companies in order to innovate new ideas. Hiring a leadership speaker is a great way to bring in new knowledge that can be implemented immediately. Whether it is through their keynote addresses or training programs, leadership speakers are an important asset.

They aren’t only for senior managers – they’re also great for providing valuable insight to anyone in a managerial position. They are up to date on current trends, new developments and the latest management thinking from leading professionals.

Whether you’re driving a classroom, boardroom or conference room, leadership speakers have the capability to deliver your key points. A great variety of leadership experts can be found in any industry simply by searching for “leadership speakers” in your local area.

Many business owners are realizing the financial worth of attending conferences. Organizations send their top managers to these events. These highly paid executives spend time, money, and effort to attend such conferences for improving their leadership capacity. By sharing ideas and building the business community as a whole, company leaders can benefit in a number of ways through attendance.

Leadership speakers talk about the topic from different angles, for example, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, learning to be a top manager or even what it means in today’s society. A business needs someone who is in charge. And leadership is something, not every manager has. Many of them struggle with doing it right. This is why management conferences exist. The best leadership speakers travel across the lands speaking at different meetings, discussing various ideas, encouraging managers to be better leaders and have excellent performance. They give valuable advice on how to lead a team, how to deal with difficult people and optimally use resources.

They speak on a broad scope of subjects devised to help executives, managers, directors and supervisors to understand themselves better and developing a style that is inspiring, effective and in tune with their own talents and teams. There’s a lot of buzz these days about what it takes to be an effective leader. One unique way of gaining the best practises is by attending leadership events that are held through the course of the year.

Leadership speakers conceptualize, develop and present talks that focus on competencies that will help executives become more successful. The speeches are based on themes, experiences, studies, surveys and/or research in the field conducted by several management speakers.

These professionals don’t have a standard template when it comes to the topic they choose to deliver. It includes the basics of human relationships, exploring such things as trust, respect, honesty, openness, and the need for mutual understanding. Other leadership speakers emphasize the importance of delegation skills as an illustration. By delegating tasks to subordinates within a business or industry, they promote productivity and free themselves to tackle more important jobs. Thus, effective leadership leaders are about both living and teaching by example.

Leadership motivational speakers deliver talks/lectures to clients on company strategies and are ready to share their experiences, and ideas, which will serve as a reflection and future-oriented vision. Plausibly, it is becoming a primary function as a result of globalization and the need for global collaboration among industries.

Corporate managers seeking advice on how to manage their employees should invite motivational leadership keynote speeches or attend management conferences. Today, leading-edge management technology, systems and competencies are an indispensable aid to a manager charged with leading his or her people. There is no longer time for the traditional “figure it out as you go along” method. Because the character of the modern workplace is so much more complex than once, managers must be equipped with efficient tools and know-how to help them get the job done. And that’s exactly what management conferences and leadership speeches are all about.

Leadership motivational speakers teach managers to be stronger leaders. It’s about propelling those beneath you to work their hardest and delivering the best results possible. Visionary managers do this with praise, and stuck-up managers do it with threats.

The YPO Global Edge is an example of such a gathering. It attracts management-level employees of a variety of Fortune 500 companies and other spheres and is all about connections between YPO’s global members, academia, humanities and business. Leadership is not only a hierarchical position. Leadership is an attitude. It is a choice. It is an action. Corporate managers have to actively choose.

Management conferences are addressing such hot topics as emotional intelligence, team building, succession planning, leadership theory, servant leadership, management guidelines and tools. These conferences are ideal for managers and high-potentials who aspire to be managers. Similar events and seminars are crammed full of leadership motivational speakers.

Conservation Speakers | Conservation Experts | Conservation Motivational Speakers

Conservation speakers speak about issues ranging from wildlife conservation and nature awareness to the many different sorts of animal habitats that exist in all corners of the world. Raising awareness about conservation can be a tough, thankless job. It’s almost like you have to get people to care enough about something they don’t think is important or that matters to their daily lives.

By combining argument, narrative, and storytelling – conservation speakers effectively express the importance of conservation in a persuasive manner.

There are many conservation speakers around the world who are passionate about helping endangered species and educating the public on responsible action. They include some of the most prolific TED presenters who have a passion for informing audiences in informative conversation.

Conservation experts have brought about awareness to many pressing issues through their presentations one lecture at a time.

Conservation speakers are conservationists (or not) who give presentations to the public to not only create awareness about wildlife conservation but also to sway others to become active in the endeavour. These individuals might be dedicated to a specific animal group or have the ability to work with a broad spectrum of animals.

Their speeches can be either formal or informal, depending on the audience they address and their goal. They use a variety of engaging talks to reach a higher common goal – to teach the mindset of conservation in order for the public to change their behaviour, think rationally, act responsibly and conceive new strategies towards nature conversation.

Conservation experts often speak about animal mortality rates. They show how human action is affecting these numbers and how practitioners are trying to change such activity through advocacy tools. They try to battle some of the largest threats to wildlife and their ecosystems. This includes poaching, overpopulation of smaller species and habitat destruction. It is very important to try to get these messages out to the public as they will be one of the primary forces that drive conservation forward.

Conservation speakers change people’s attitudes and actions by exposing them to the sheer magnitude of wildlife conservation issues. As they point out grave concerns of species dying out and habitats getting destroyed, attendees develop a determination to do something about it. It’s an easy decision that conservation awareness prevails for conservationists having the ability to influence people’s lifestyles. It happens all the time – or at least, it should happen; reaching and convincing the decision-makers, persuading agents, inspiring policymakers, empowering the public to change their way of looking at things.

Conservation speakers spread their message about restoring, conserving and protecting wildlife, habitats, oceans and the planet. Usually, they work for non-profit organizations or in government agencies. There are different conservation experts. Here are two: research scientists and public conservation speakers.

Conservation motivational speakers deliver eco-educational public awareness speeches about the role that ordinary people can play to conserve our planet, its animals, and its oceans. This happens at fundraisers, private companies, college campuses, and nearly anywhere else that will have them.

Wildlife experts are typically scientists who break down complex research data and present their findings to conservation organizations, academic meeting and other entities. Topics are varied and include protecting endangered species, cleaning up polluted ocean water, minimizing the effects of climate change on animals and even farming methods that don’t threaten the integrity of ecosystems. The information these scientists share is priceless for researchers, think tanks and government agencies.

Conservation motivational speakers include not only stories and anecdotes from their own experience, but presents an argument into a public forum to develop an understanding of how wildlife and nature are threatened, why we should be concerned, and how we can implement those suggestions into our daily lives. They pitch lifestyle modification, which is defined as changes in knowledge, attitude, and activity.

These environmental speakers raise awareness to encourage people to volunteer for causes and become active in protecting the environment. They want to produce a new generation of conservationists as the world wakes up to our ongoing environmental crisis.

Through public interest lectures, the advocacy is for an end to habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and extinction. There was a time when the importance of wildlife and nature conservation was not appreciated. Issues such as climate change, illegal hunting, the depletion of natural resources, animal poaching and animal abuse are major concerns to conservationists and environmentalists.

Conservation speakers are more in demand by corporations, organizations, businesses, schools and government agencies than ever before. Not only are they great for raising awareness, but they can also be instrumental to promote fundraising efforts for important causes such as the current levels of biodiversity and ways that we can protect it. The issues are being brought to the forefront of public discussion worldwide by a series of highly visible campaigns and media attention.

Working with corporate companies, organizations, and the public, conservation motivational speakers educate participants about the increasingly important role contemporary outdoor professionals and the person on the street play in preserving natural ecosystems. Climate change is altering coastline lines and seasonal weather patterns. Pharmaceutical drugs and pollutants in the water supply have deliberately altered many species’ physical characteristics as well as behaviours. The complex relationship between humans and their environments is no longer a theory or hypothesis – it has become a harsh reality.

In the current scenario, the rapid and unregulated development of land besides pollution has been threatening the existence of wild species and wild spaces. Due to these reasons, conservation activities are being started worldwide.

Conservation speakers across the globe devote themselves to enlighten people about reducing their carbon footprint, protecting endangered species, recycling waste, or taking action against environmental hazards.

Life Coaches | Life Coaching

Life coaches will support you on a path towards self-discovery. The focus is to empower you and develop skills that open up new opportunities and gives you the confidence to step forward in your endeavours.

So, what does life coaching involve? In essence, a life coach is a professional who listens, asks questions for you to explore your own answers, and guides the process. In doing this, life coaches support you on a path towards self-discovery and give you the tools to find your own solutions. The best life coaches assist you to discover what is getting in the way of your desired outcomes. Then helps you to break through these limitations.

Life coaching is relationship-focused. A life coach helps you explore your possibilities and clarify thinking while building a relationship of trust and support. The result is greater clarity, perspective, and effective action by the “coachee”.

Life coaches take the time to explore who you are, how you think, and what makes you happy. A life coach provides you with a safe environment in which to explore thoughts and feelings that otherwise can be hard to express.

Life coaching helps you gain insight into your own thought processes and thereby find new ways of coping with challenges and achieving your aspirations.

Executive Coaches | Executive Coaching

Executive coaches work with executives to support professional and personal development. Working together over a period of time, the executive coach challenges the individual’s thinking, helps them see new solutions to problems, encourages them to take action and expand their skills.

The best executive coaches are suitable for manager level (or above) including business experience. It works well for those who want to improve their management skills, de-stress, overcome blocks to performance, or needs support with exiting an organisation and finding new opportunities.

Executive coaching provides feedback and advice on career development in the form of one-on-one sessions or group workshops. Different methods help individuals identify areas of improvement, set development goals, and facilitate the process of achieving them.

Executive coaches are a type of business adviser who focuses on helping business people manage their career and life challenges.

Executive coaching is dependent on each client, however, the executive coach will usually meet with a client multiple times to create goals for the future. Executive coaches can have different specialities. For example, some specialize in issues such as performance management or organisational development, while others are generalists who address all issues related to management as a whole.

Leadership Coaches | Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaches support managers to be their best through a number of methods including consultation, advice and mentoring. In the current business environment, it is essential that leaders understand what they are doing and how they can improve their performance.

A leadership coach focuses on ensuring that managers’ skills, attitudes and behaviours enable them to be effective leaders. It is of utmost importance that managers have a strong grasp of their role in the development and training of employees. In the past, managers were concerned mainly with overseeing the daily activities of their subordinates; however today it is widely accepted that management involves leadership, which can only be fulfilled if managers possess the necessary techniques and awareness.

A lot of businesses and industries tend to overlook the importance of leadership coaching. Leadership coaches provide specific direction about how to become an effective leader with supporting evidence grounded in the reality of the workplace.

It’s important that company leaders have mindfulness, knowledge and competency when it comes to leading others effectively. Leadership coaches guide, support, help and coach their clients so they can reach their full potential in order for both the individual and the company to thrive, make a profit and remain successful.

Personality Tests | Personality Assessments | Personality Profiles | Personality Test

Personality tests are tools utilised to assess thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and attitudes. It’s often used in human resource development to help companies better understand their employees and how they can improve their workplace.

Personality tests are used in a variety of fields for prediction and guidance. The underlying assumption is that an individual’s personality is consistent and will naturally manifest itself in different situations/environments/scenarios.

Measuring one or more aspects, including the degree to which an individual may or may not possess a trait and/or the strength of that trait, personality tests facilitate insight.

These personality tests unpack weaknesses and strengths and, how others might perceive you, and what careers might be a good fit for you.

Based on models and used to assess and analyse an individual, it attempts to put in order or structure human behaviour. It is an active field of scholarship, with many studies aiming to understand the relation between test scores and behaviour across various settings. Personality tests are sometimes based on projective techniques, such as creating hypothetical situations to which respondents must react.

Personality assessments are insightful ways to determine who you are and where you are. These tests can be taken online and will help you uncover patterns in your personality.

Personality assessments are a great way to determine what makes you tick. Most never think about why these personality assessments were created in the first place, but they were made for one reason: a better understanding of yourself and others. They have been around for many years and have proven to be effective ways to analyze people.

Ever wonder how your personality relates to someone else? A personality assessment is a popular way to examine one’s individuality. They can reveal a variety of information like relationship compatibility between you and your partner, etc. They also come in quiz form, making it easy for you to assess yourself.

Personality assessments are an opportunity for self-discovery and self-reflection. It can be fun, insightful, and revealing of ourselves when we take the time to reflect. If you’re an entrepreneur or business person, personality assessments can be a great way for you to gain insight into what your natural strengths and challenges are.

If you need help to hire, personality assessments can help you figure out whether a potential employee will be a good fit for your company.

Personality profiles are tools, which help analyse the behaviour of individuals. It does this by asking the participants to answer a set of questions. The person will respond to these questions based on how they feel about a certain situation or question.

What is a personality profile? Throughout the course of our life, we meet various people from different backgrounds. Each individual we come across has his/her own way of thinking. This thought process varies with different individuals and is influenced by multiple factors.

Now, depending upon our experiences with a particular individual, we build an opinion about that person and an assumption for what this individual may be like. Personality profiling helps us understand what an individual may be like in a situation.

Personality profiles show a positive correlation between effective communication and our ability to determine an individual’s personality profile. Personality profiling is analyzing another person’s behaviour or determining their dominant characteristics. It touches on styles of reactions to certain situations, and inner motivations.

There are many methodologies for personality profiling. Understanding the personality profiles of your employees can help you create a better team dynamic and improve how you communicate with them.

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