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Motivational speaker, Estienne de Beer presents an exhilarating and enlightening hour of fixating visuals, a little different from most other motivational speakers on the event circuit. It's called "Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace". He clearly and inspirationally demonstrates to his audiences that by basing their business principles on the Meerkats' unmatched mastermind and success examples, they can and will become more successful. Animal Planet's top billing television show, "Meerkat Manor", has entertained viewers in over 160 countries. The uncensored taping of these fascinating creatures has revealed the true synergy of the Meerkats' nature and now you can bring it to your next conference or team building event! In doing so, you will inspire your team to strive for higher heights through powerful and vivid visuals of hard work, valour, cooperation, and leadership.


In the wilds of Africa, the fight or flight impulse is the governing force. By inviting this motivational speaker, corporates can learn from the Meerkats' case in point, especially as it pertains to teamwork strategy. In the information age, where competition has intensified, and the corporate battlefield has grown more perilous, the need for survival has re-entered modern culture. With the odds against them daily, Meerkats forge their "careers" in a three square mile sandy environment, surrounded by ferocious maws and claws, bureaucracy, professional jealousy, and competition. Compared to the day-to-day expeditions of the Meerkat, hostile corporate takeovers, or business challenges, seem insubstantial and these are just some of the reasons why this keynote should be your next choice. 

The most renown of the "Shy 5" animals, the meerkat's triumphant and continual victory is based on five explicit behavioural patterns. These same "Shy 5" behavioural patterns are either positively evident, or detrimentally lacking, in the corporate workplace:

  1. Implementation and Execution – Meerkats spend every day digging; they shift fifty times their own weight in a single morning.

  2. Non stop Personal Development – Meerkats function in a learning co-op. They are continually coaching and mentoring one another, passing on what they know through mutual teaching and training.

  3. Resilience & Courage – Meerkats rally to repel opponents far bigger than themselves.

  4. Excel through Teamwork – Meerkats bring new meaning to teamwork by meting out tasks and being masters of cooperation. For the sake of survival, they understand how important it is to constantly validate and reinforce their relationships with each other.

  5. Inspiring Leadership– Meerkats shine in an opportunity based system. The meerkat clans are led by the most seasoned and skilled member; the rest of the members are hot on their leader's heals. Irrefutably, meerkats have mastered the art of working as a winning team.